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August 27, 2006

Banned from K-Mart

Songs_of_solomon Paranoia Body Soap. Satan Soaps bring us quite possibly the creepiest looking soaps ever made

Book 22 is a Christian sex toy shop. The twenty-second book of the Bible is Song of Solomon. We believe that God intended that such love, as spoken of in Song of Solomon, be a beautiful and normal part of marital life. Unfortunately this gift from God has been grossly distorted and abused by both ancient and modern people

The Tyvek Wallet, Le Journal Billfold

This Letter from K-Mart sounds great. Snopes nopes it

Dead Fred Pen Holder

The Amazing Bug Zapper. $7.45 on Amazon

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I have 2 of these - love em! Easier than a rolled up newspaper and what a spap crackle POP! They're quite fast & effective but you gotta know when to lay off the button - bug smoke = noxious fumes!!

Posted by: Kim at Aug 28, 2006 1:45:42 AM