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August 27, 2006

I was thinking about Alicia Keys, couldn't help from crying

Joan_baez_bob_dylan Dylan performs Ballad Of A Thin Man in Copenhagen 30th April 1966. (I saw his concert there in June of 1984. Joan Baez & Carlos Santana opened for him. Joan Baez was walking the streets the day before the concert and we got talking. I started crying, and she kissed me on the lips. I cried even more. 3 months later I left Denmark, never to return)

How many roads must a man walk down

Cover of Freewheelin' Bob Dylan years later, without the couple

Dylan's interracial eroticism

Man of Constant Sorrow, 1963. (From Neatorama)

5 Min from The 30th Anniversary Concert. (When Youtube shuts down, half of the blog posts around the world are going to – poof - disappear)

Some Dylan on Google Videos

Who did Dylan support in the World Cup?

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Bob Dylan? Me no likey!

Posted by: scott at Aug 27, 2006 7:27:00 AM

Days can never be repeated. Days of gold and glory. Days of bob dylan and joan baes.God bless both of them.

Posted by: M.zentani at Aug 7, 2009 4:34:48 PM