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July 02, 2006

A chance

Blue_peace_sign Imagine this - Bush kills Lennon, with Animal on drums - The video.

Also, a remix of Bush singing Imagine and A Walk on the Wild Side. From the folks at The Party Party, who also did the Sunday Bloody Sunday

Re-post: John & Yoko Montreal Bed-in and singing Give Peace a Chance with Timothy Leary in the crowd

This afternoon, drinking a cup of coffee while sitting in the Jesse Brown V.A. Medical Center on Chicago's south side, a Veterans Administration cop walked up to me and said, "OK, you've had your 15 minutes, it's time to go."

Combatants for Peace are a group of Israeli and Palestinian individuals who were actively involved in the cycle of violence in the middle east. The Israelis served as combat soldiers in the IDF and the Palestinians were involved in acts of violence in the name of Palestinian liberation. Now they fight for peace

(Circle Calligraphy above from Songwriting Works). Many More Unusual Peace Links and War Links Here Digg this post /// Add it to your del.icio.us

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