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June 15, 2006

O'zog, kenstu sehn

Garlic_blossoms The Star-Spangled Banner translated into Yiddish (and into Spanish, as Nuestro Himno):

O'zog, kenstu sehn, wen bagin licht dervacht,
Vos mir hoben bagrist in farnachtigen glihen?
Die shtreifen un shtern, durch shreklicher nacht,
Oif festung zich hoiben galant un zich tsein?
Yeder blitz fun rocket, yeder knal fun kanon,
Hot bawizen durch nacht: az mir halten die Fohn!
O, zog, tzi der "Star Spangled Banner" flatert in roim,
Ueber land fun die freie, fun brave die heim!

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Photo of garlic shoots above from a Yiddish Food Blog, Inmolaraan. (Click to see full size). More Unusual Yiddish Links Here /// Digg this post /// Add it to your del.icio.us

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