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June 02, 2006

Yo Gabba Gabba

Jesus_magic The stateroom scene from A Night at the Opera

Pix by Mike Carano of Sarah Silverman. The complete Jesus is Magic promo tape

Listen to Richard Pryor’s Pet Monkey number

Pryor FBI File

Abbot and Costello’s original Who's on First routine

The Three Stooges: Hey Nyaah Collection

Why naked men shouldn't parachute

Lewis Black

Must_blog_now_6 The 212-796-0735 mystery. On or around May 8, the following personal ad appeared on the Internet classified ad site Craigslist: For Mein Fraulein, I haven’t heard from you in a while. Won’t you call me?

(By the way, the name of the tattoo above must be: “When I’m 64, I’ll still see a portion of this movie every single day of my life”.) Many Other Funny Comedians Here

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Naked men parachuting...that looks potentially *painful*...but it's still funny !

Posted by: Julie at Jun 4, 2006 9:44:23 AM