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May 31, 2006

The Mark of the Beast

666_mark The number 666 is cool. Made famous by the Book of Revelation (Chapter 13, verse 18, to be exact), it has also been studied extensively by mathematicians because of its many interesting properties. Here is a compendium of mathematical facts about the number 666

Water Talkies How cool would it be to talk clearly underwater? Well now you can with these Water Talkies! Just place your mouth over the mouthpiece when speaking and your voice will be heard by everyone in the pool, up to 15 feet away. (From Everything And Nothing)

Looking for the art of your life? Can't find that unique personalized gift idea? Gene-Portrait creates a unique DNA digital image of your genetic world from a sample of your own DNA. Each DNA portrait is unique and holds no medical or legal value. (Thank you JL)

Intelligent Design - Only you can prevent gray goo

Patent#: US 7037243: Cordless Jump Rope

Looking for some Uranium Ore? Call United Nuclear "We specialize in small orders"

Does Viagra Keep Flowers From Wilting? (Too expensive)

Many More Unusual Inventions & Discoveries Here

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Happy_sunshine Adorable overload

The Sugar Bag Tree. (Der Zuckertütenbaum) by Albert Sixtus and Richard Heinrich (1928)

Laurie Berkner's horrible children earworm Googlehead. (From Scripting. Damn you, Dave Winer)

The Happy Sunshine Story Time. (Watch first before sharing with kids. By the author of The Debbies)

Color my bath with Crayola Color Bath Tablets

Many More Unusual Links About Kids Here

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More REBs

Selling_condos Brick by brick: A lawyer’s musings on real estate law in California

Pittsburgh Homes Daily, targeted at those planning to move to (or moving within) Pittsburgh

Homewerx Home Inspection Blog, AKA "the Original Home Inspection Blog"

The Gene Molloy Real Estate Blog

Home Route Blog

Michele Flory’s Experience The Woodlands, TX

John Silos’s Fairfields Real Estate Blog

Here’s new real estate blog ranking site called PubSub

A new NAR blog (On top of In addition to the old NAR blog)

Real Estate Blog for Palo Alto & Mountain View

Cribs Town

Tim O’Dwyer’s Australian Real Estate Blog

Ben Kakimoto’s blog of Seattle Condos and Lofts

Savage Insights

Condo Blog

The complete List of Real Estate Blogs as well as Grow-a-Brain’s Extensive Real Estate Archives are Here

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And then one day you’ll find ten years have got behind you...
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

Famous_bike_ride_ Timothy Leary passed away 10 years ago today. "I was with him the evening before he died and I still remember his humor even in his final hour"... (I met Leary in 1992, at one of Jerry Rubin’s many parties in Brentwood, but of course I met him 25 years earlier in my dreams & nightmares…)

This animated short, The Bicycle Ride is a fanciful depiction of Dr. Albert Hofmann's discovery of LSD. This cartoon was debuted at the "LSD Symposium" held in honor of Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday in Basel, Switzerland

This man has invented more than 80% of the world’s known hallucinogenic drugs, has had more than 4000 psychedelic experiences, and in 1967 created the drug ecstasy. Meet Dr Alexander Shulgin, groundbreaking scientist and explorer of the human mind

More about any kind of illegal drugs especially Acid and marijuana Here

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Need help!

Lamp_post (I need to buy some lightning for my bedroom. I like this Ango Lamp. Any reader / decorator willing to come down to Riverside & help me fix my house?)

Moving Color glass tiles. (From Farpas e bitaites)

Looks like a fun room

Not your same old shower curtain. (From BB Links)

Skelly, The Garden Swimmer Sculpture

Richard Sweeney’s paper lights

Step by step of how to build am aquarium coffee table for a fraction of the cost of ready-made models

Puzzle Floor

Many More Unusual Design Concepts Here

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Put the watch down

Famous_tv_anchor Oprah Goes To Auschwitz

Robots, tigers and towns: How Celebrities Go Bankrupt

It’s the summer of 1966. The Brazilian national football team has been invited to the Swedish town of Åtvidaberg by the AB Facit company, at the time a large successful producer of calculators and typewriters. It is all a part of the Brazilian team's training program for the World Cup in England later in the summer. They have just played a training game against Åtvidaberg FF and now it's relaxation and party time. Singer Lill Lindfors is entertaining, Pelé, guys in viking helmets are there and meat is being grilled over the Churasqueiras…

A detailed analysis of David Bowie's teeth over time. (From Nag on the Lake)

Animal Superstars: Where Are They Now? (Hint: All dead...)

Making the rounds: Actors in Character. (I like the Rosemary Harris # 2. Who’s she?)

Familiar faces by Christian Witkin. (From the one-and-only, but still often NSFW, Toll Freedom)

Elvis's home sold to Uri Geller on eBay

Many More Unusual Stories About Celebrities Here

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May 30, 2006

American Beauty Lookin' For a True Patriot

I_kiss_you Hannidate - The place where people of like conservative minds can come together to meet

The Great Czech MD Tussle and some background

Foot fetish anyone? The Kama Sutra for foot lovers

How to Make a Quick and Dirty Mosquito Trap

Tutorial: How to make an awesome logo

How to make a Dick Cheney pumpkin-head paper mask

Graphic above from Avatar animations by the folks at Nokia. Many More Unusual Things To Do With Your Life Here

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May 29, 2006

Oh Lordi

Leonard_cohen_70 "Waitin' Round to Die" sung by Townes Van Zandt

Pjotro - The man with the musical suit

The Piano Society - Free Quality Recordings of Classical Piano Masterpieces

33 versions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

Top fifty conservative rock songs. At No. 1: "Won’t Get Fooled Again," by The Who

Gallery of Ceramic Musical Instruments at Burnt Earth. (From Screenhead)

Finnish zombies

North Korean National Hymn Sing Along. (Click on KFA symbol)

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush sing “Don't Give Up” and Peter Gabriel's World Music. (From Crooks and Liars)

iGoatse. The new skin for your iPod

Repost: The music score for Death Waltz by John Stump. Based on a Cro-Magnon skinning chant. Background

The official Woody Shaw page

Original concert photographs at RockPrints

Many More Unusual Musicians and their Music Here

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Stars of The Southern Hemisphere


Photo above by my niece, who’s traveling somewhere on the South Island.

See a new NZ post on Koru Koru, my Moving to New Zealand blog

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Woody Harrelson's Record is Safe

Ganja_flag_ Bill Maher parodies David Blaine

Marijuana Recipes, from Butterscotch Space Pops to Ganja Cheese Ball

From PopArt: Marijuana Leaf. Created Using The Official U.S. Government List of the 647 "Street Terms" for Marijuana

How to make hash

Why would anybody buy Fake Silk Marijuana Plants?

Best places for a stoner vacation? Ibiza, Negril, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory

Rocky Mountain High. University of Colorado Police Post 420 Pics Online, Offer $50 For Each ID'd Pot Smoker

Pssss…. Wanna Get stoned? By Joey Lawrence

Small things about the Las Vegas rental market

"And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight. And the LORD said, Even thus shall the children of Israel eat their defiled bread among the Gentiles, whither I will drive them." (Ezekiel 4:12-13) More about many illegal drugs especially Acid and Pot Here

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The New Jerusalem by Pinhas Sadeh


The gods, from their temple distant beyond distance, call the poet,
Yet a youth, unto them.
They call to him who has no country, town or home,
To come and build his home in the heavens,
To come in betrothal to the girl of the heaven,
To go to the country church, or to the inn, to smoke his pipe,
And to ramble, on Sabbath morns, across the broad dusts of the heavens.

Life is time: the time that goes
As you dream life.
As fish live in water you live in time.
Time has no measure: the more beauteous the dream
The longer time lasts, becoming infinite and eternal.
And so you long for the most beautiful, the most beautiful of all:
The northern lights, the mist, the girls (pale or dark), the lawn
The sea-breeze,
And so you long to guess the meaning of the call of the Gods.

In the past, yet a boy, you thought much of death.
Today you think, often, of the onceness
Of man’s life.
You have thought much of late of time that passes unchanging,
Of the dream essence of things and events.
For man passes like a meteor through this his world; alone like a
Meteor, and
Like a meteor flushing for a fluttering second and falling into dusk.
He dreams much… He dreams all his life.
He may dream of a small home and a golden haired girl…
A burning hearth at evening, a pipe, a kettle boiling in the corner,
A window looking out on the lawn, cows
Returning from pasture…

You dreamed another dream: to be homeless on this earth.
Encircling the globe in trains, in boats, on foot.
Sleeping by day, roaming by night, musing and moulding phrases of
Sitting in taverns over wine, singing in the company of strange people,
Looking around at this world… Weeping at times, whistling softly.
The Gods denied you happiness,
That you might not live your own life.
That you might understand the suffering of others, that
You might be able to describe their woe.
The gods chose you in your mother’s womb and will always call you
To them.
From the mists of distance the gods beckon to the poet, yet a youth,
With beckoning most painfully sweet.

And so you went out of earthly Jerusalem, to seek the new Jerusalem.
You went out of the land of Egypt to wander in the wilderness of the
To celebrate the soul’s Passover.

This is the first part of a long poem by my favorite Israeli writer, Pinhas Sadeh (1929-1994). It is taken from his autobiographical novel, “Life as a parable”, translated by Richard Flanz (1966)

Many More Literary Links Here

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May 28, 2006

What kind of blog reader are you?

Blog_mania Let's Buy Us A Damn Webby. “We'd like to congratulate the winners on being successful enough to have the dough to enter the competition. What can we say? We prefer recognition when it's not pay-for-play, and we'd way rather spend that $245 on beer.”

Sorry I can't blog anymore now that I'm married; my husband doesn't allow it: A nice excuse to stop blogging

Gimme Your Stuff, the cultural exchange blog where you can swap items of significance to your area with items from others around the world

What kind of blogger are you?

Have you read my blog yet?

Blogs with a face. “A site matching blogger visages/symbols to their individual URLs and grouping the images into a (presumably) ever-growing collage”

Today’s “Blog Of The Day” is Ambrel, the online home of Nikola Tamindzic, nightlife photographer/provocateur. Many More Unusual blogs Here

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Will work for peanuts

Will_work_for How to write a proper resignation letter

How I Work, by Bill Gates, chairman and CSA

The "Wrong Job" Outdoor

"Writer's block," "swimmer's ear," and "athlete's foot" are all examples of occupation-specific conditions. Are there any others?

Will work for… ? Will Work For Food Cartoons

Seven Career Killers: Beyond lying on your résumé, stealing office supplies or failing to show up for work

Many More Unusual Career Moves Here

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My Riverside

About a month ago, I was “tagged” by Alex at Neatorama with a “blog-meme” called Neat things about your hometown. I wouldn’t usually ‘do memes’, but here is “My Riverside” now (Click on photos to enlarge):

First orange trees in California, on the corner of Magnolia & Arlington.

The “Woods” Streets.

The Mission Bells, city symbol.

On top of Mt. Rubidoux.

The entrance to the gorgeous Mission Inn.

The old Evergreen cemetery by Pine & 14th St.

A sculpture of Ghandi (?) downtown.

Mario’s Place - Our favorite downtown restaurant.

The old Victoria Ave., where the last few orange groves remained.

The Whitegate area, right above my new house.

Some Bougainvilleas bushes up on Overlook.

It’s been nearly two years since I moved to town, and I feel very happy here. Elsewhere around the area: Current Riverside Real Estate market statistics

Vintage Palm Springs Postcards

More Unusual Links About Riverside And San Bernardino and about Orange County Here

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50-Unit Apartment Building for sale in Fontana


Even though I am not about to leave for New Zealand for another 2 years, I’ve decided to sell now a 50-unit building that I own in Fontana, California. I have priced this property at $6,250,000 for a quick sale.

Like the previous building that I posted here recently, I do not expect to have many Grow-a-brain readers as potential investors in such local Inland Empire building, but I will offer to the many real estate bloggers (and other webmasters) who read this site the same deal I did before: If you link to this post, and if you’re able to generate a lead among your clients who’ll send me an accepted offer for the property, I will pay you $15,000 referral fee, at close of escrow. So please spread the word (or call me to discuss a protected arrangement).

Here are some details regarding the subject:

The Park Terrace Apartments on 1531 W. Rialto Ave, Fontana, 92335.


Price: $6,250,000
Down payment: $1,712,632
Assume existing $3,937,368 fixed rate 1st trust deed & note, due 10/10, at %5.75 interest, $23,074 per month, 1 point assumption fee
Gross Scheduled Rental Income: $48,080/monthly $576,960 Annually
Allowance for Vacancies & Credit Losses (5%) $28,848
Gross Scheduled Income $548,112
Operating Expense allowance (34%) $188,724
Net Operating Income Estimates $359,388
UPSIDE / MARKET RENT DATA 46 2/2’s @ $950/ $43,700
4 1/1’s @ $ 895/mo. $ 3,580
Laundry Income/mo. $ 800
Total Market Rent $48,080/ $476,960 yr.

This gorgeous property consists of a 50-Unit Apartment project, with a good mix of 46 2-Bedroom 2 Bath and 4 1-Bedroom 1 Bath units, on a spacious 2.3 acre. Security gated 2-story frame and stucco construction throughout. The buildings all have pitched, asphalt tile roofing. The project offers a Pool, Spa, and Laundry, and 50 garages. Built in the late eighties. It is located on the border between Rialto & Fontana, in a very high-growth part of town.

Please share this information with your qualified prospects. Email me at realhanan (at) yahoo (dot) com, or call me on my cell for more details.

See you in escrow.

More about The Champion Company

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