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May 11, 2006

So you always wanted to play the harp, but…

Harp_strings_1 Nabuaki Date is a Japanese artist who makes ukuleles out of parts of Japanese buildings that are to be demolished. Each house is documented through photographs and the parts for the ukulele are chosen. The finished ukulele is given to the owner of the house as a visual and acoustic embodiment of their former home. (From Muddy Basin Ramblers)

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain plays Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

The Ham Violin. A violin, shaped like a fine leg of Serrano Ham, created by Jaromir Bazant, 'Maestro Luthier' of Valencia. (From Exploding Aardvark)

Harpists on flickr

The bouzouki's long journey from rembetika to rock 'n' roll and beyond

Amusing Bass/Guitars Index. (Thank you, Jeff)

Jesselli Guitar online gallery. (Thank you, MB)

(Still no DSL at home…) Many Links of Unusual String Instruments and other Strange Musical Links Here

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