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May 17, 2006

The War of Gog and Magog

Dead_sea Street murals by Rami Meiri

Environmental works by Israeli artist Dani Karavan

Serial No 3817131 - Female Israeli soldiers photographed by Rachel Papo

Passover is over (I think), but here’s a 30 sec. Haggadah for your next year’s Seder. (You have to click to get it to play. From Communicatielog)

Iran may be developing lottery technology!

Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush - 2 nuts communicating...

Risking Everything in Baghdad. About the Iraqi Stock Market

King of Kings Community is a Messianic congregation situated in the heart of Jerusalem. Hallelujah (and please send us some money, we take care of needy children…)

New Sphinx/Leo Alignment Clue Unlocks Grand Unified Star Map. Just like the Da Vinci Code, but with Egyptians

Down Khufu's Pyramid

Diving in Jordan

Many More Unusual Stories about the Middle East Here

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