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May 13, 2006

Writing on the Wall

Great_wall Tribe Wanted. 5000 people from around the world will be united by a common theme, they will be members of a Tribe that will form, shape and actively develop an adventure island community. The tribal community will be made up of people of different ages, races, and languages. There will be teachers, architects, surfers, doctors, students and dreamers. The tribe will come together on an island in Fiji

Also, Little Corn Island, population 800, and 17 other best-kept island secrets

Free travel. (From the reconfigured Toll Freedom)

Svalbard - 80 Degrees North. Just how far north can one go? Svalbard is the world's most readily accessible bit of the polar north and lies about 600 miles north off the northern tip of Norway and about 600 miles south from the North Pole

(Getting ready to travel soon to) The Great Wall of China. (From Presurfer)

(Still no DSL at home – Will I finish damping all my old links before I start regular blogging again?) Many More Unusual Travel Destinations Here

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