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April 25, 2006

Nosmo King

Cinema_paradiso__1 Opening Main Titles to Thank you for smoking, done by ShadowPlay Design Studio. (From Giavasan)

The trailer to Steve Anderson’s Four Letter Film. (Unsurprising warning: Contains mostly four letter words!)

Brokeback Mountain 2, The Lasses

Die Hard: The Ballad of John McClane. It's Christmas, 1924, and young Manhattanite John McClane visits olde Los Angeles towne to see his wife and enjoy yultide splendor. However, a few ne'er-do-wells have plans of their own, and C4

The evolution of the NetFlix envelope. The key to Netflix's lean operations is its lightweight, versatile mailer. Here's how 7 years of tweaking paid off

A list of Good movies set in Paris. (From Metafilter)

A few other good Metafilter threads: Overlooked Films of the 1990s

Movies featuring people eating pancakes in a chain restaurant

A list of movies that have changed midway from one style to another

Today’s “Blog of the Day” is Hanzi Smatter, dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in western culture. If you’d like to recommend an excellent, fresh blog for consideration, please email me.

Grow-a-brain’s Extensive Collections of Best Film Directors and other Unusual Film Stories Here

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love your site. just wanted to mention another incredible recent movie worth checking out: Tsotsi.

won best foreign language film last year

Posted by: Tom at Apr 27, 2006 4:20:41 AM