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April 17, 2006

Un-happy 100th anniversary

1906_earthquake 1906 Aerial Photographs by George R. Lawrence

Recreating Lawrence's pictures in 2006. A modern day team sets out to recreate Lawrence's panoramic camera and take new photos of San Francisco on the 100th anniversary of the earthquake. More about Lawrence

Foe sale 2006: Pre-earthquake house, 3 bedroom/ 2 bath. Asking $1,695,000. (From Curbed SF)

From yesterday’s sixth annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race down Lombard St.

Various San Francisco murals

Golden Gate Sunsets. This map helps you find spots from which you can see the sun set right in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. Viewed from the Bay Area, the direction of the sunset varies from 240.2° at the Winter Solstice to 300.7° at the Summer Solstice. These bearings are measured in degrees east of true north; in the winter, the sun sets more towards the south, and in the summer it sets more towards the north. (From Doc Searls)

Gigapix of the Oakland Bay Bridge from Treasure Island

Many More Unusual Links About San Francisco and About Los Angeles Here

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