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March 13, 2006

Best of the Web


Metafilter has been my favorite community-blog for nearly six years. Founded by Matthew Haughey and now with over 33,000 mostly-intelligent members, it’s a rich source for many links, discussions, discoveries, and moments of internet serendipity, snark & pathos. I became a member myself in 2004 (Here’s my profile and posting history), and have enjoyed following the many daily threads on "The Blue, Green, Gray & White".

Since nobody can read all the stuff, I will start collecting here, in a new on-going series, the “Best of Metafilter”, so you don’t have to. As usual, this collection will be subjectively personal, and will include anecdotal links without much rhyme & reason. I encourage readers to contribute their favorite Mefi threads, especially from the first 2-3 years. Enjoy -

The very first post on Metafilter

The Crunchland Method of How to Make a Better Front Page Post

What Is A Good Post, from MetaFilter wiki

Total number of threads and comments

Flickr Photos Tagged With Metafilter

Metafilter members that have own blogs

Dan ("Give a man fire and he'll be warm for an hour. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for a lifetime") Hersam’s MeFi user's Contribution Index, including lists of the most verbose MeFi users

Members live everywhere, including in an airport at a country that ends with Q

Here is one sample post of a subject that I know absolutely nothing about – As a matter of fact, I read the whole thing, and had no idea what was discussed...

What is Metafilter? Metafilter is a genetically-modified sheep that keeps your carpets clean. Or a great example of community weblog

Here are a few random questions of the type answered on AskMeFi:

- What is that sculpture behind Jim Morrison?

- How to get my wisdom score to 18?

- I'm looking to name a script for an adult movie with a Spanish theme

- Living in the international territory inside customs

- What food is this?

- Could a typical young man, armed only with a knife, (say, six or eight inches long) be trained to consistently "win" fights with a grizzly bear? Assume no element of surprise

Latest fantiastic posts on AskMeFi

Sometimes the answers are more intriguing than the question, for example in this thread about ‘How to dispose of the body

Fifteen Of Defective Yeti’s MetaFilter Comments, Taken Out Of Context

Quonsar’s parody AnusFilter


I’ve linked to Metafilter on grow-a-brain many times. Here’s a small sample of the previously-posted Metafilter threads of the past:

- Can you point to a single experience in your life, as a child, which you can define as having contributed to the person you are today?

- What's up with those framed autographed headshots that decorate so many restaurants, bars, and Laundromats?

- What's your favorite Google feature, trick, or hack?

- What skill should I learn next? What should I know?

Best_logo_in_the_world - Best Logo of All Time

- Behind the Scenes at the Supermarket

- Can you point to a single experience in your life, as a child, which you can define as having contributed to the person you are today? - Ooops, damn proofreaders...

- Titles for a Bush-administration-themed porno movie

- What are the saddest songs you can think of?

- Where's all the money coming from?

The long thread Plane crashes in to the word trade center, September 11, 2001, 5:58 AM PST

Noor Ali-Hasan’s analysis of Metafilter as a Community Weblog, a study project at UoM School of Information. The community reaction to the project

Update: MeFi’s 50,000th post was posted today...

(Photo above from Witold Riedel). Please contribute generously to this topic. Thanks.

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