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March 17, 2006

Main Street, USA

Main_street_usa Bird’s view of Disneyland on MS Virtual Earth

Lovely Disneyland footage from 1956 on Google Video. (From The Disney Blog)

OC Register Virtual Tour of Walt Disney's private Disneyland apartment overlooking Main Street

LEGO model of Main Street, USA. (From Boing Boing)

Snow White and the Medicated Dwarves. With the help of the Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturer's Association (PhRMA), Snow White has all the dwarves on human growth hormone, and has carefully selected prescriptions for each of their quirks

Luxo, a blog featuring Pixar Animation Studios. Re-Imagineering, a blog forum for Pixar and Disney professionals. (With contributions from Paul Torrigino and Richard Gutierrez!)

Cecil Adams researches: Was Disney a fascist?

Re-designing Disney's Space Mountain. More there: Disney Trip Reports, submitted by readers of Mouse Planet

Disney Song Lyrics

Many More Unusual Disneyland Links Here

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Because of its oppressive corporate culture, the Disney Studios are still referred to as "Mauschvitz" run by "Disnazis."

Posted by: Das Boob at Mar 20, 2006 7:02:29 PM

I love how the true depth of mankind is exposed in photos such as these. Look at the two men's faces captures by the camera, they're mesmerized and awe struck at a womans breasts. No wonder the idiots believe in evolution when the majority of the populace can't help but be reduced to carnal and instinct driven animals by such a thing.

Posted by: Jesse at Nov 13, 2008 10:44:06 AM