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March 31, 2006

How bizarre, how bizarre


Suspensions in the Florida Keys. WARNING: EXTREMELY DISTURBING to most unsuspended people! Click at your own risk! suspensions are about mind over matter and a deep spirituality. I focus inward and then slowly work into pulling myself. Its a gentle stretch, slow, and then you feel some slight stinging and then your back just gets warm. Its not horribly painful. It looks much worse than it is. I really mean that. It is a wonderful euphoric feeling to be floating, you can clear your mind and at times you find your own personal utopia. It is a deep insightful look into your soul and feeling the environment around you. This is all about conquering fear and inner strength. (From The Primate Journal. Sorry about the breakup, Robin)

Crazy Clones

Another suspension: Harry Houdini Straightjacket Escape (QuickTime Video. More at A.K.A. Houdini. Found on GmtPlus9)

This video is composed entirely of photographs of real members of Yahoo Personals

The story began when Reverend Magdalen and her husband, Lord Jesus Christ (a.k.a. Steve Bevilacqua), had a domestic dispute. This is something that happens to many married couples, alas; more importantly, this was their own private business. In fact, it's still their private business, and we wouldn't be hearing about it at all, if something else hadn't happened to cause this case to be exposed to public view… (Thank you, Charlotte)

Inside The Gentlemen's Fight Club. An unlikely group of Silicon Valley software engineers has a bizarre hobby. It involves clobbering each other with everything from toilet seats to baking pans.

The Man Who Ate His Lover

The Yu Family History in Pictures

Portraits of me, throughout the years

Chuck Swaim's Age Progression From Age 19 to 30 Years Old (Angelfire site, may go down any minute)

Age Progression Pictures from my birth to college graduation. Many more previously-blogged Daily Photo Projects there.

..."Ringmaster steps up, says the elephants left town
People jump and jive, and the clowns inch back around
T.V. news and cameras, there's choppers in the sky
Marines, police, reporters, ask the where, for and why

Pele yells "we're outta here", Seena says "right on"
Make your moves and starting grooves, before they knew we're gone
Jump into the chevy, headed for big lights,
Wanna know the rest? Hey, buy the rights
- How bizarre, how bizarre..."

By the way, does anybody experience problems with seeing the photo of the man’s shoe on the previous post, or get the “Image Not Available”-type messages on other graphics?

Many More Unusual People Doing Unusual Things Here

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March 30, 2006

Manolo for the Men

Weird_mens_shoes Weird men’s shoes, handcrafted CYDWOQ. (From blanketfort)

I need my red polyester sequin shoes

Face Hunter, a new blog

Stubbies, Kiwi shorts from ages ago, "back when mullets used to shield their necks from the harsh summer sun"

Hippies Smell and other conservative T-shirts

Welcome to Fez-o-rama. We specialize in the creation of fine Fezzes, jackets and more

Period Corsets

John Malkovich is becoming a full-fledged Fashion House

Food scarves from Twinkie’s Fridge

What were they thinking- Wedding-Gowns. (From Cynical-C)

The Bible Belt buckles

Based in New York City, Garde Robe is a full-service wardrobe storage facility providing first-class storage, online closets and an array of services for New Yorkers, travelers and fashion industry professionals. (From BB-blog)

2 from Metafilter: How do I wrap a Tagelmust? and The Original Rhinestone Cowboy

Many More Unusual Fashion Trends Here

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March 29, 2006

...Lambo Outside our office... (Click on photo to enlarge)

Lambo_2006_ The "Impeach Bush" Van, Andrew Sullivan's van, in the Tustin Marketplace parking lot

Buy my house and I’ll throw in this FREE Ferrari! This represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest your hard earned money in an excellent home and get to own the BEST looking Ferrari ever without paying for it! The Parking lot is full of Ferraris

Cars of the Classic 30’s

The Rolls-Royce Photo Archive

qwerty car seen on Silverlake Blvd. just south of the dog park. Missing a few keys but who isn't?

Andy Laub needs a car

Mega busses. Other funky remodeled cars

Many More Unusual Automotive Links Here

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March 28, 2006

4 Million hits!

4_millions Congratulations to the blog! Here are tonight’s statistics:

Total number of hits: 4,022,0991
Average per day: 5,143.33
Last seven days: 93,714
Today since midnight GMT: 18,550

The first million hits took 1 year, 1 month & 25 days (From February 5, 2004 to March 30, 2005)
The 2nd million hits took 5 months & 28 days (September 28, 2005)
The 3rd million took 3 months & 12 days (January 10, 2006)
The 4th million took 2 months & 18 days (today).

I always complain about the relative lack of comments on this blog, in relation to the large number of page views. However, there are three old posts here that, for some obscure reasons, keep building up continual debate & comments. They are the posts about Queen Rania of Jordan, the fight for marijuana legalization and the World’s most beautiful woman.

By the way, it is raining very heavily tonight here in Riverside... I went out looking to buy some soup, and got soaking wet…

If you read this, please say “Hello”.

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The $1,000 ice cream

Berliner_ Bright Circles Cheesecake from Neiman Marcus: Pistachio butter cake and chocolate decadence cake with pistachio butter cream and orange chocolate ganache. Wrapped in Belgian chocolate paper. 6” square. Serves 10-12. Price $190.00. Shipping Only: $27

Too cheap? Try the $1,000 ice cream sundae

Goat milk ice cream

The 17th Annual US Pastry Chef Competition

Engadget's birthday cake winners

A team of artists have been working on creating a City of Biscuits at a London department store for six days. The review from Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down

X-Rated Cupcakes

Many More Unusual Sweets and Unusual Chocolates Here

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Dentist_of_the_day Jeff Clark is looking for a marketing job. This is my not-so-subtle attempt to get the best advertising gig out there. You probably get thousands of boring resumes and cover letters every year... but it takes passion + know-how (and a free weekend) to do a website

Illustrations originally published in Medecins Chanteclair, a Parisian artistic and medical revue. The magazine issued twice monthly beginning in 1905 and lasted until around 1935, its circulation mostly confined to the medical profession

Dentist of the Day for March 21st, 2006: Dr. Randall W. Toothaker

Swishy Hispanic Engeineers Unite. (From Gordon Keith). Other unfortunately-named Billionaires

Now you can download Chris Glass’s TPS Report Cover Sheet

Employees tend to quit their bosses, not their companies

Many More Unusual Career Moves Here

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March 27, 2006

Yeti at Home

Tombstone_for_sale "I told him, 'Son, what is it with you? Is it ignorance or apathy?' He said, "Coach, I don't know and I don't care"…

Shave your Yeti

What not to do: Lick A Cat

The Inkblot Oracle. (Thank you, Craig)

A gallery of blowers

The fight scene clip from "Unefeatable". (Thank you, Kim)

Don't Shoot The Puppy

gdneaosoiv gizrhyh dsdq (?)

A long List of Links That Will Waste Your Time or that are Simply Stupid Here

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Mother_paris There should be a convention for Bob Balaban fans called Balabananza. It would be great. I can’t wait to go

Twelve Phrases Involving Al Roker That Return Only One Hit on Google

Ted Kennedy Mistakenly Cited for Being Topless in Public

Um, it's been great talking to you….

I’m Your Biggest Fan. For the past four years, I’ve been writing letters to Star Jones. I haven’t been doing this because I believe she’s a celebrity diva extraordinaire, put on Earth to show the world how fabulous her life is and how much her husband loves her. No, I do this because I’m a stay-at-home dad in need of a hobby…

Angelina Jolie At 13

Four Famous People Who Were Bedwetters. (I’m sure there were more)

Who are the three men and what are they smiling about?

AbbA photo gallery

Stalker map from Gawker – What a horrible concept!

Tough Love. What happens when mogul and a movie star get married? Contracts get signed, and the drama begins

Many More Unusual Stories About Celebrities Here

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Elements of an Effective Suicide

David_crosby You don't have to live fast or die young to leave an attractive corpse. If you are seriously, sincerely suicidal and want to make a good impression on your way to a better place, Attractive Corpse can help make your final wish a reality

"It's too late. We can't win, they've gotten too powerful." Abbie Hoffman’s Suicide note.

Want to hang yourself?...

The Lego Suicides. Combining a morbid sense of humor and LEGO ® bricks

How NOT to commit suicide. (From a long & intense thread on Metafilter)

Emma Crawford Coffin Race in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Death by car and by fire

Donate a Body for medical research - There's a shortage of cadavers

Autopsy Q & A. Leave questions for Dr. Michael Baden

Laurence Hutton Collection of Life and Death Masks

By the way, my sisters may be coming to visit me next week, and if they do, you’ll find me blogging less for three weeks or so…

Many More Unusual Links About Death and Eternity and about Unusual Coffins & Caskets Here

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March 26, 2006

Look up!

New_york_skyscraper Looking Up. In the beginning of the skyscraper era, architects were confused about how to design the look of these super tall buildings. One of the decisions facing them was - what to put on the top

More from NYC; Central Park West. New York City's Most Architecturally Distinguished Thoroughfare, A Building-by-Building Survey

Casa Batlló, Antoni Gaudi’s architectural gem

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. (Refresh the page a few times)

Of McManshions and Shantytowns south of San Diego

Seen everywhere: Luigi Di Serio’s 15 Best Skylines in the World

Construction photos of Burj Dubai

The Snow Dome. (I like the Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole’s rendition of ‘Over the rainbow’ in the background…)

Virtual tour of The Bill Gates estate

(Photo above by Michael Myers). Many More Unusual architectural Links Here

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Dyslexics are teople poo, literally

Famous_blogger Blogging - We’re going to need more monkeys (And other Motivational-Style Posters below)

Literally, A Web Log. An English language grammar blog tracking abuse of the word “literally”

Blogging Frustration. I post and post and post. Don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoy it... But, man, I’m always hoping to get some links. And, they do trickle in. But, dude. How will anyone even find me? (From Jeremy Zawodny)

I am looking for blogs written by low-wage, night-shift employees (such as convenience store clerks) who use their blogs to chronicle interesting experiences from their working lives. Any suggestions?

Most-linked Blogs in September 2000: Many of the blogs popular back then are still pretty popular today, though not to the same extent. (From Rebecca’s Pocket)

My tip of the day to Taiwanese marketers: If you absolutely insist on naming a condo project "Blog" because you like the way it sounds, you would be well served to at least register the domain name that you plaster all over the adverts

Turn your blog into a bound book. (Should I print a few copies?)

We didn't start the weblogs, a Billy Joel Parody

Coffee for bloggers (?)

More About A-bloggers and blogging Here

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Graffiti board

Bob_marley Show off your skills on the enormous circle of potential art known as Drawball. Bob Marley on the Best of Drawball. Wikipedia gives background about the Korean flag in the middle of the ball

“The Persistence of Ignorance” is a gallery of images generated with a Raytracer by Jaime Vives Piqueres

This short description about a teenager’s Breakup ignites buzz about video graphics

Perceptions by Lonny Evica

Flow in Games

A large Collection of Digital Eye Candy Here

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Open_fly_zipper A cruel practical joke with a high-tech twist: How does it feel to have the Winning Lotto Ticket?

"We got your wife here. She says she loves you very much." Two new Improv Everywhere missions: The Suicide Jumper and Meet a black person in Aspen, CO

How embarrassing for you on your first day! Did you walk around like that the whole time?

Australian Train Sign

Car prank. (This is the kind of thing my dad would like)

Tech Pranks, from Sync

The Polaroid Prank

Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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March 25, 2006



Who are these gentlemen?

Maurice Kaehler, of OmWorks Yoga is throwing an ecstatic poetry/prose party this weekend and want to have a milk bath there…

How do I get to see the future? I turn 20 in April. I figure if I'm lucky, what with advances in healthcare, I might just make it to 2100, when I'll be 114. What can I do to get further into the future than that? So far I've come up with cryogenics, genetic modification, becoming a cyborg, and a faster than light round trip (time dilation). Any more?

MetaFilter's longest thread with 1729 comments. (After a question by Chris at Cynical-C “What is the record for the most number of comments left on a blog post”)

Who owns the posts to Internet forums?

A sad thread about Leonard Cohen being broke

Tradition demands that when somebody dies, all members of Metafilter gather to post little dots to denote a moment of silence. All members, that is, except of One

Must link again! “Once again Jesse Jackson heroically hurls himself between the givers and the receiver of publicity” - one of Defective Yeti’s Metafilter comments, taken out of context

MetaMeta! This post over there…

More of The Best of Metafilter Here

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Alligator Wine


A large collection - 200 Years of Wines of the World, with many sub-categories: With cricket labels, decorated in the Art Nouveau style, with pigs and donkeys, and so much more. Similar to Igor Sergeev's collection of full cigarette packs. (Largest in the world)

4 new Google Gulp products

Got Milk Ads

More Latte Art tutorials

Death by Caffeine. How much of your favorite caffeinated drink would it take to kill you? (From Verbatim)

The Kid from Brooklyn rants about why he can’t stand Starbucks. (Very profane language)

Building an Automated Bar

Mexican Coke, The Real Thing

By the way, I started posting again to the old Blog Of The Day page, now that so many of the old blogs are defunct. Check regularly for new additions there. Please email me or submit your favorite blogs for consideration.

Many More Unusual Drinks Including Unusual Beers Here

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