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March 19, 2006

I'd rather be vaguely right than precisely wrong

Psychedelic_baby A friend of mine was taking a class by Milton Friedman at the U of Chicago, and after a late night studying fell asleep in class. This sent Friedman into a little tizzy and he came over and pounded on the table, demanding an answer to a question he had just posed to the class. My friend, shaken but now awake, said 'I'm sorry Professor, I missed the question but the answer is increase the money supply.' Other Economist Jokes

A guy and his Saint-Bernard walk into a bar. The guy says to the bartender, "This dog knows everything about music and can answer any question you have".
The bartender says, "You're nuts!" The guy says, "Go ahead -- ask him something".
So the bartender says to the dog, "OK, who is the greatest contrapuntal composer of the 17th century?"
The dog replies,"BACH". (Read more on Doggone it. From Lynn Space)

A lesson in etiquette

Many More Hilarious Jokes and other Funny Stuffs Here. I am not a serious person.

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