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March 02, 2006

Chernobyl, Bucharest, Paris

Swiss_bunkers_1 Giza on Flash Earth - Wow!

Reinhard Pantke’s biking in the Norwegian mountains

Pictures of Swiss bunkers. (From ”HippoBlog”)

A virtual tour of Bucharest, Romania

Bajo Coste (“Low cost”?) seems to be a commercial Hotel blog in Spanish, written by Ruyman García, and full of ads. But it has many enchanting photographic posts, for example, the Wedding on the Maldive Islands and The Original Statue of Liberty by the Seine

Hotel de Crillon, 10, place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris

Andrew Moore photographs from Russia, 2000-2004. (Found on Mark Wood in Perth, Canada)

Seen on the streets of Glasgow

Canto do Brasil. Another way of being exists in Latin America, and Brazil's own national psyche is distinctive. It's a country of street poets, where taxi drivers and housewives wax philosophical about the meaning of life. It can be a brutal place, but beautiful too

Abandoned Chernobyl

Bangkok. "Are you looking for pictures of smiling Thai ladies holding gaily painted umbrellas, or perhaps a picture of young monks walking along a dusty road that leads to a temple with golden spires. Oh boy, are you in the wrong web-site"

Parte incognita. The Yale Map Collection. (Thank you, C.)

I moved again (from my empty 5-bedroom house to an empty 1-bedroom apartment…) This post have been pre-blogged for your enjoyment. Many More Unusual Travel Destinations Here

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Andrew Moore., Fotografía. Estados Unidos. Un fotoperiodista que usa las formas arquitectónicas para expresar la historia de espacios públicos o privados. De lo magnificente, a lo abandonado y en ruinas, todo es una huella de vida. Su fo [Read More]

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kadykchan is the name of the abandoned city and nothing to do with "Chernobyl" which is actually by pripjat... That is a ghost city now and you can see a great guide to that here..


I think that link deserves a mention in your blog.

Posted by: Barry Barcrest at Mar 3, 2006 5:37:19 AM

I didn't realize that the pix are not from chernobyl... but i did linked to the motorcycle story and other chernobyl links - there -http://www.google.com/search?q=Chernobyl&btnG=%C2%BB&domains=http%3A%2F%2Fgrowabrain.typepad.com&sitesearch=http%3A%2F%2Fgrowabrain.typepad.com there

Posted by: Hanan at Mar 4, 2006 1:34:51 AM