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March 25, 2006



Who are these gentlemen?

Maurice Kaehler, of OmWorks Yoga is throwing an ecstatic poetry/prose party this weekend and want to have a milk bath there…

How do I get to see the future? I turn 20 in April. I figure if I'm lucky, what with advances in healthcare, I might just make it to 2100, when I'll be 114. What can I do to get further into the future than that? So far I've come up with cryogenics, genetic modification, becoming a cyborg, and a faster than light round trip (time dilation). Any more?

MetaFilter's longest thread with 1729 comments. (After a question by Chris at Cynical-C “What is the record for the most number of comments left on a blog post”)

Who owns the posts to Internet forums?

A sad thread about Leonard Cohen being broke

Tradition demands that when somebody dies, all members of Metafilter gather to post little dots to denote a moment of silence. All members, that is, except of One

Must link again! “Once again Jesse Jackson heroically hurls himself between the givers and the receiver of publicity” - one of Defective Yeti’s Metafilter comments, taken out of context

MetaMeta! This post over there…

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