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February 02, 2006

The Jewish Barbie

Jewish_barbie Until a few years ago there were very few public venues to watch new short films. And still only a handful of top winners at Sundance, for example, have found fame and fortune. Today on the other hand, you can browse through all the short films presented at the 2006 Sundance Festival and both winners & non-winners can find an immediate audience.

So from the list above, here is a witty & moving short (18 min.) - The Tribe by Tiffany Shlain (= Founder of The Webby Awards). It tells the history of both the Barbie doll and the Jewish people - from Biblical times to present day. By tracing Barbie’s history, the film sheds light on what it means to be an American Jew in the 21st Century. With an Howl-like finale by Vanessa Hidary, the Hebrew Mamita…

I didn’t watch all the other films, but here are a couple noteworthy shorts that I did see: Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf and Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot

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Thanks for the links. I really enjoyed the Jewish Barbie!

Posted by: Neil at Feb 2, 2006 10:25:15 AM