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February 19, 2006

Kinetic Art

Rube_goldberg_art Keith Rose chronicles Van Gogh's life in a commercial for some mutual fund company

Elaborate (but not very clear) video presentations of Tim Fort’s Kinetic Art. Similarly complicated, Perdue University’s Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

History of art for airports

Katrina artists, a free space for Gulf Coast artists in the area affected by Hurricane Katrina to post information about their work, to let customers know where they are now and to sell their work online

The commercial rebrand work of Trek Thunder Kelly (1969-2009)

Mega Mona Lisa

The Most Wanted Paintings on the Web in various countries

Tom Judd’s Everyday. 365 pages ago I had a very silly idea. Draw a page everyday for one year. Each day I spent around 1 hour on the page, sometimes more, sometimes less. There was never any planning or preparation, I would just go at it whenever I had a spare moment in my day and had something I needed to write or draw. Some of the drawings are observational and some are just plain weird. Monsters and things seem to crop up a lot (robots too)

Wing Nut – Kelp & Metalwork by Bert Lambier

The art of Erin Flynn

Many More Unusual Contemporary Artists Here

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