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February 14, 2006

Loaded shotguns

Intelligence Dogs of the CIA. (From the new ”Good Stuff”)

Super thin Military Ribbons

Gay Army is a new reality series where the world’s campest men are put in the most masculine of environments, the army, making them the most unlikely military recruits ever. (From Maledei)

Ken Lunde's Pistol Wallpaper Pages

Ever wondered what an atomic blast looks like before it obliterates everything around it? Photos of the First Few Microseconds of an Atomic Blast. (From Quasiblog)

U.S. Cavalry is your single source for the finest military, law enforcement and homeland security equipment along with counterterrorism training

While on the subject of ex-soldiers using their military skills: Hunting accident simulation (Thank you, Earl). Also, Old news: Hunter Sentenced to Road Work for Accidental Shooting

Many More Unusual Links About War and About Peace Here

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