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January 24, 2006

Stays in Vegas

Las_vegas_at_night For 15 years now, my jobs involved making people feel comfortable when they hand me their money. Las Vegas makes people LOVE to hand over their money. This weekend trip just convinced me once again that Las Vegas is the most American of all cities, and reminded me all the reasons I love it so much. The oft repeated slogan “What happens in Vegas” plays all over again & again there. A truer one didn’t test well: "We 100% guarantee that you will lose it all, and that you will still love it". No matter how noisy and crowded, over-the-top, artificial, garishly decadent and popular Las Vegas is, it’s always evolving, energetic, re-inventing itself, over-indulgent, larger than life fun. Too bad I don't like to gamble...

The gorgeous water show at the Bellagio's

Recommended: Abandoning their innocence, contortionists Gyula and Bolormaa wash away their inhibitions and taste love for the first time. Fluidly they glide through the water, striking an amazing array of sensual poses, in the tantric waterbowl of Zumanity

Worth 1000’s Las Vegas Hacked

Virtual Tour of The Venetian Hotel

Aerial photographs using a tilt-shift lens by Olivo Barbieri’s - Las Vegas 05. (From Metafilter)

A strange store sign at Caesar's Forum (Right next to the 'Fountain of the Gods'): I wish I had a cocktail. If some local reader can get me a better picture, I would really appreciate it

Welcoming 2006 With The World's Largest Toast

Sheldon Adelson built a billion-dollar fortune in Las Vegas. His next act: building Macau, China into something even bigger than Vegas

Learn all about the symbol WINN: Wynn Resorts - Investor Relations. Don’t forget Wynn Macau

Las Vegas monorail route

This post is a link gift for Chris at Cynical-C Blog. Many More Unusual Stories From Las Vegas Here

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I haven't posted about Vegas much lately because I am not heading there until sometime in the Spring this year but Hanan from Grow a Brain was there last weekend and has a great post today chock full of great... [Read More]

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Hehe, I was already to comment on this even before I saw that it was a gift :)

I can't agree with you more about no city being the epitome of American culture than Las Vegas is. It truly is a unique city that has a pulse to it that no other place I have been to has. (I'm not even sure if this is a good or bad thing but I love it.) They've tried duplicating Vegas in other places, notably Atlantic City, and have failed.

On a sidenote, I love Vegas yet rarely gamble (although I do have to hit the craps tables when I am in town, best odds in the house), but then again I love Tiki bars and rarely drink.

Hanan, you didn't tell us where you stayed during the weekend trip.

Posted by: Chris at Jan 24, 2006 7:04:51 AM