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January 16, 2006

Matrix Reloaded

Larry_wachowski The Mystery of Larry Wachowski. Could the co-creator of The Matrix real life truly be stranger than fiction? A Rolling Stone story involving one billion dollar, androgyny, leather and BDSM

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Chip Zdarsky Chip Zdarsky as Elektra. Here is Chip Zdarsky’s comic Prison Funnies

What is pony play? It is different for each player but the basics is where one takes on the role of a pony (or sometimes a mule, donkey, etc..). Sometimes it is just the one person, like playing dress up, dreaming of the peacefulness of fields. Other times there may be more participants…

How does one become an international drug smuggler? Before becoming a writer, Richard Stratton ran hash from the Middle East, making money hand over fist and living off adrenaline. Until he got caught. (Salon registration required)

Bambam Baba, the Indian Holy Sand Man

April Beaver - 2003 Beaver Fair Queen. (From BA’s blog)

Hetty Green, the tightfisted, shrewd Witch of Wall Street

Many More Unusual People Doing Unusual Things Here

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For some reason, I looked over your "what people are saying about grow a brain" page, and I realized that I feel like they do: I think this blog is extraordinary. I come here ever single day and feel happy. Your blog really is fascinating, illuminating, unusual, beautiful to look at, easy to use... I don't know how you do this every day. Thank you.

Posted by: Cheryl at Jan 16, 2006 6:49:29 PM

There was a Domminatrix in NYC who was very high end and powerfull her nane is Vendetta. Something tells me she might be involved?

Posted by: Fritz at Jan 19, 2006 2:18:15 PM