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January 31, 2006

Make you happy tonight

Dante_divine_comedy The Australian trio Tripod, performing their song Make you happy tonight at a comedy festival

Frank Caliendo: “I think it’s great that we have a president who seems like he’s always looking direct at the sun…”

The Divine Comedy: Inferno - Dante Alighieri & Albrecht Dürer Gustave Dore meet YTMND. (Thanks, Rob M!)

Russell Peters and other Canadian stand-up comedians, as chosen by Sameer Vasta

If you were able to pick anyone you wanted to create the ultimate SNL cast, who would you choose?

AwesomeTown, a Fox pilot, created by Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. (Long download)

Maz Jobrani

Repost: "I didn't drag myself halfway across Antarctica on my butt so you could sit here all day playing strip poker with Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr.!" And other Phrases Which Have Never Before Been Spoken or Written

Many Other Funny Comedians Here

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January 30, 2006

The reason for blogging

Reasons_1 A few weeks ago I received this email:

I noticed that my site was listed as one of Yahoo! Picks of the Year. I thought I’d drop you a note to thank you again and let you know what’s up with me…
...It is not an exaggeration to say that you listing my site on your blog resulted in my work being seen by hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of the world. It placed my work in several national and international magazines, newspapers, and websites, connected me with many new cyber-colleagues, and lead to sales. The repercussions are felt in all parts of my life. I am most fortunate, indeed.
I wish you the very best New Year and beyond,
Martin Waugh, Liquid Sculpture

- All the best, Martin! Your site deserves all the credit it gets!

Other connections:

One of Five Must (Ought to) Reads, by RipArvhivist R. C. Rybnikar

Best all-purpose blog on “Touch you last”. More comments

Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery...

One of many Reasons to be Thankful, from VerdantBlog

Growabrain, itself one of the best linkblogs ever

"…Dazzling & Joyfully delighful..."

seemingly bottomless…”

The effect of being linked

Heel aardig weblog met allerlei alleraardigste zaken

Freakin' mind-blowing

A write-up from John Walkenbach about my new blog Korukoru, and Brian Kane’s interpretation of my planned move

Here is the complete list of what people were saying about Grow-a-Brain

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Democracy in America

Faded_glory Seattle Waterfront 2002-1907. Two panoramic photographs of the waterfront of Seattle, Washington, taken from the same vantage point - 95 years apart

Squint Eyes, artist and Indian Scout

Charts, diagrams & information graphics from Karl Hartig

Top 100 Lists of cities, including highest income, least crime, newest houses, most females, shortest commute, best educated residents, and many more

Erik Gauger’s Notes from the Road, a project in experimental travel writing

Motel Hell. Tacky and trashy Motel postcards of the 1950's, 60's and 70's

Due to the popularity of "The Smart-Ass Guide to NYC", Dan Meth created this national version of Smart-Ass Guide to the USA

Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville

Stabilized version of the Zapruder film of the Kennedy Assassination. (From Kottke. Slow load)

Many More Unusual Stories about America Here

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Robert Zimmerman vs. AJ Weberman

Youre_invisible Dylan’s garbage and other items of garbological interest, as collected by political gadfly and founder of the field of garbology

Every word Dylan has ever written excluding the lyrics to his songs in a instantly searchable Database - includes Tarantula, Liner Notes, Misc. Writing, even Chronicles. The only reason this page exists is that Dylan does not want to draw attention to my book by suing me.”

Dylan Lyrics: Same as above but lyric data base

What the nuthouse was like the CPUSA put Woody in

Woody Guthrie and the Archive of American Folk Song: Correspondence, 1940-1950

Chippie Monks Sing Mr. Tambourine Man

The Banquet at Joni Mitchell’s: "Come to the dinner gong - The table is laden high"…

It's Unbelievable - Dylan's embedded core meaning attacks Israel

Masked and Anonymous

Tangled Up In Bob - A Minnesota Story. A Film by Mary Feidt

The relationship between Bob Dylan and Neil Young

Elston Gunnn, Bob Dillon, Blind Boy Grunt, Tedham Porterhouse, Robert Milkwood Thomas, Boo Wilbury, Sergei Petrov, and other Dylan’s pseudonyms

Don't Look Back Outtakes

Judas Magazine

This is another post that I am “co-blogging”, this time with Dylanologist AJ Weberman, the webmaster of Acid Trip, whose latest book is Dylan to English Dictionary and who provided most of today’s links. (Previous posts here.) Thank you, AJ! If other bloggers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details.

Many More Unusual Bob Dylan Links Here

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January 29, 2006


Roullette_wheel Not Quite Perfect, a beautiful blog by a Kiwi artist, Dzeni. Every day she posts an original, usually-gorgeous image, done with some fancy-shmancy fractal software, as well as a daily Gratitude Item. Best browsed through the archives

Shoes, Domestic Production, 1960-1998 by Jason Salavon. 45sec sample of the 1min 40sec loop. These psychedelic constellations are, in fact, accurate visualizations of statistical data tracking the US domestic production of shoes and slippers from 1960-1998 in 31 categories. (Also by Salavon - "Ever wondered how our tastes in naked women have changed over the decades?")

Mandelbrot Set ASCII art. (From Charlie ‘Vruba’ Loyd)

Repost: Fractal Tic-Tac-Toe: the game. (First blogged here in ‘03)

Many More Unusual Fractal Links Here

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Fake bank database


Fake Banks are the infrastructure of advance fee fraud scams. By posing as a legitimate financial institution, a bank site can adds credibility to the story of a scammer. For example, Mariam Abacha might have deposited her millions of dollars with this "bank", and puts you in touch with the "banker" there to help transfer the money. Then, he is the one who will charge fees for various procedures, licenses, certificates, and so on

The Rich Jerk: “Lets get something straight. I am a jerk. I am obnoxious. I am lazy. And I don’t care, because I am FILTHY RICH. I am much too important to even be sitting here writing this right now. So I'll keep it short. I make several million dollars every year on the internet, doing almost nothing. Heard that before? Well you can see proof of my earnings here. Have you seen proof like that anywhere else? Didn't think so. Do you make that much money? Didn't think so…”

CircleLending, a loan administration company that provides services for managing financial transactions between private parties. (From a question on Metafilter about lending money to a friend or a relative)

Leonard S. Coleman, Jr., as living example that Sitting on the board of directors for a Fortune 500 company must be an easy job

Wolfowitz under fire at the helm of The World Bank

Many More Unusual Stories about Money Here

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Beer Cans For Sale

Beer_cans_for_sale_3I received the following email yesterday:
Hello. I currently have 66 beer cans from parts of Asia, Mexico, and Europe for sale.The cans have no rust, but a few have dents. The cans are approximately 3-4 years old and are unopened. I'm looking to give it a new home -- Please let me know the approximate value of this collection and where I might be able to sell it.
Michael Jaeger
[email protected]
I have no idea of how to sell 66 beer cans, but if anybody is interested in this collection, how about contacting the seller directly? (Click on photo to enlarge)

Elsewhere: Beer Goggles Calculator in Excel format

Scientists believe they have worked out a formula to calculate how "beer goggles" affect a drinker's vision

The Beer Goggles Australian band

How to manufacture a Giant Beer Can

Beer Dates Decoded: Two kinds of dates are given on beer labels: bottling and expiration. Some show the date clearly while others are encoded. Furthermore, some dates are on the labels while others are stamped on the bottle itself

Asahi Beer Pouring Robot

The beer belly. Enjoy your favorite beverages on the Sly. Pays for itself in less than 2 uses

A Huge Collection of Unusual Beers And Other Alcoholic Beverages Here

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January 28, 2006

County seat Alturas

Madonna_inn Fallen Californian Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Balboa Park Reflecting Pool, San Diego. And other large-format photographs, at the GigaPXL Project

Next week's hot link: The 109 unique rooms of The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo

Desert paintings by Mary-Austin Klein

Photographs of the bizarre, the unusual, the sublime, and the beautiful found in my travels through the deserts of California (and Nevada) by Matt Jalbert. (Also there, photographs of skulls)

A Californian’s conception of the continental United States

Santa Barbara Sunrises and 'sets by blogger Doc Searls

Modoc County is the most rural county in California. Population 9,599

Many More Unusual Stories From California, from Hawaii and from Iowa Here

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January 27, 2006

Homes in tropical paradise


A chart showing that American homes are getting bigger in order to fit their owners size

Tropical homes for rents in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The penthouse at The Pierre Hotel encompasses the top three floors. Spectacular 360-degree views of Manhattan are found in this incomparable property

If you can’t effort the Pierre, try the Quintessential Malibu Living: A nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home at the 90265. Only $2,200,000. (From ”Inman blog”)

Open House Signs: Speculators Looking to Get Out

The celebrity clients of Elaine Young, Realtor to the Stars. (From ”Curbed LA”)

My house is worth a million is not a retirement plan – especially if you live in California

Bad Landlords We Have Known

A calculator compares the cost of owning a home relative to renting for a potential new homeowner

Glossary of loan terms

Snapshot above by Jason Love. Many More Unusual Real Estate Stories Here

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Ethanz Ride


I went to a concert of my buddy Rob's punk band Ethanz Ride at Hoagie Barmichael’s in Newport Beach – No blogging tonight - - -

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January 26, 2006

This is Gari

Gari_ginger Dec 6th 2005 Freestyle sushi master competition

Sushi Paper models

The Sushi Laptop. (From ”Look at This”)

“This is ‘gari’. Nobody knows what it is made from.” Sushi - The Japanese Tradition and other Sushi videos on Google

Tucker Max’s Famous Sushi Pants Story. My advice to you: Avoid it at all costs.

Soy Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

Steve Plotnicki’s finest Japanese Dining in NYC

More How to from Yokohama

Many More Unusual Sushi Links Here

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January 25, 2006

Felines in IT environment

Cat_on_computer_1 While domestic cats are a common feature of many computing environments, IT review sites have proven oddly unwilling to investigate this popular computer room accessory

Almost naked animals

What was the largest creature ever to walk the earth? The answer is certainly a dinosaur, and certainly a sauropod. Depending on how accurate current estimates are, a sauropod might even be the largest creature ever to have existed, perhaps beating the Blue Whale's record of 103 feet and weight of +175 tons

Songs of Brazilian Birds in .au files. (From Metafilter). Many other Birdsong sites

Crow and Rabbit Google video

Animatronic stop motion creatures by Kim Blanchette. Kim has done a series of fantastic commercials for a Japanese company called Nissin, makers of Cup-o-Noodle Soup

Whale carcass washed ashore. The US$295,000 lump of Whale puke

Lions eating giraffe carcass

Kangaroo suicide attempt

Imagine: your dog, cat, or other pet in full military regalia

Everywhere today: The Cat Helmet Prototype. (Like the previously circulated Lime Cat)

Hamster on flickr

Wildlife photographs by Brian Caine

Many More Unusual Animal Stories Here

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January 24, 2006

Stays in Vegas

Las_vegas_at_night For 15 years now, my jobs involved making people feel comfortable when they hand me their money. Las Vegas makes people LOVE to hand over their money. This weekend trip just convinced me once again that Las Vegas is the most American of all cities, and reminded me all the reasons I love it so much. The oft repeated slogan “What happens in Vegas” plays all over again & again there. A truer one didn’t test well: "We 100% guarantee that you will lose it all, and that you will still love it". No matter how noisy and crowded, over-the-top, artificial, garishly decadent and popular Las Vegas is, it’s always evolving, energetic, re-inventing itself, over-indulgent, larger than life fun. Too bad I don't like to gamble...

The gorgeous water show at the Bellagio's

Recommended: Abandoning their innocence, contortionists Gyula and Bolormaa wash away their inhibitions and taste love for the first time. Fluidly they glide through the water, striking an amazing array of sensual poses, in the tantric waterbowl of Zumanity

Worth 1000’s Las Vegas Hacked

Virtual Tour of The Venetian Hotel

Aerial photographs using a tilt-shift lens by Olivo Barbieri’s - Las Vegas 05. (From Metafilter)

A strange store sign at Caesar's Forum (Right next to the 'Fountain of the Gods'): I wish I had a cocktail. If some local reader can get me a better picture, I would really appreciate it

Welcoming 2006 With The World's Largest Toast

Sheldon Adelson built a billion-dollar fortune in Las Vegas. His next act: building Macau, China into something even bigger than Vegas

Learn all about the symbol WINN: Wynn Resorts - Investor Relations. Don’t forget Wynn Macau

Las Vegas monorail route

This post is a link gift for Chris at Cynical-C Blog. Many More Unusual Stories From Las Vegas Here

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Peter Luther, born January 17, 2006


Congratulations to Anna & Dustin Luther of Seattle’s Rain city guide
on the birth of their son Peter!

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January 23, 2006

Bad luck

Fresh_meat_1 America's Electric Chairs

The Yates kids. This site is dedicated to the memory of our precious children, Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates, who died tragically on June 20, 2001

Pervert or Druggie? So you think you know what a sex offender looks like? Take the test. (From ”Paxtonland”)

Jim 'the Hammer' Shapiro is a lawyer in Rochester. He is also INSANE. He tends to advertise late at night, which makes you wonder just what kind of person would look up from the couch in a semi-conscious stupor and proclaim loudly, "CRIPES! I wish he was MY lawyer! I'd better call!" The Battle of the Late Night Lawyers

Nobody is paying any attention to me, and meanwhile the guy who stole my wallet is getting away

Small Town Misfit. Police logs from small town. Latest: Erie County, NY. A man was reported running naked through a store on Walden Avenue while another man was videotaping him

Trailer Park Boys , a community at the margins of society

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, displayed in over 600 tables

Alistair Cooke's bones reported stolen by New York criminals

FBI Famous Cases

Serial killer’s painting brings bad luck, owner says

(Graphic above from Machine Gun Keyboard.) I am away for the weekend. This item had been pre-posted for your enjoyment. Many More Unusual Links about Crime and Punishment Here

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