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January 30, 2006

Robert Zimmerman vs. AJ Weberman

Youre_invisible Dylan’s garbage and other items of garbological interest, as collected by political gadfly and founder of the field of garbology

Every word Dylan has ever written excluding the lyrics to his songs in a instantly searchable Database - includes Tarantula, Liner Notes, Misc. Writing, even Chronicles. The only reason this page exists is that Dylan does not want to draw attention to my book by suing me.”

Dylan Lyrics: Same as above but lyric data base

What the nuthouse was like the CPUSA put Woody in

Woody Guthrie and the Archive of American Folk Song: Correspondence, 1940-1950

Chippie Monks Sing Mr. Tambourine Man

The Banquet at Joni Mitchell’s: "Come to the dinner gong - The table is laden high"…

It's Unbelievable - Dylan's embedded core meaning attacks Israel

Masked and Anonymous

Tangled Up In Bob - A Minnesota Story. A Film by Mary Feidt

The relationship between Bob Dylan and Neil Young

Elston Gunnn, Bob Dillon, Blind Boy Grunt, Tedham Porterhouse, Robert Milkwood Thomas, Boo Wilbury, Sergei Petrov, and other Dylan’s pseudonyms

Don't Look Back Outtakes

Judas Magazine

This is another post that I am “co-blogging”, this time with Dylanologist AJ Weberman, the webmaster of Acid Trip, whose latest book is Dylan to English Dictionary and who provided most of today’s links. (Previous posts here.) Thank you, AJ! If other bloggers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details.

Many More Unusual Bob Dylan Links Here

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