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January 12, 2006

Like AutoTrader for airplanes

Oxygen_masks_1 Airplanes for sale world wide: Airplane Trader is the plane enthusiast’s choice when searching online. We offer a wide selection of planes for sale including hundreds of personal, business and transport planes. Our excellent selection of airplane listings also includes float planes, kit planes, helicopters and classic warplanes

Panic at 30K Feet: Ever had them oxygen masks deploying in mid-flight?...

The 'Enya Trailer', created by Brian J. Terwilliger as a promotion for his film ‘One Six Right: The Romance of Flying’

World’s smallest co-axial helicopter. Some specs in Japanese

Also, Proxflyer, the smallest RC helicopter in the world

Can I drive The Ultralight Flying Scooter on the freeway? A: No, this vehicle can not reach freeway speeds (60-75mph) because it is a motor scooter

The Upside Down Balloon Illusion

Learn to fly with Whittsflying….

2006 Airshow Schedule.This is a preliminary list of the air shows currently scheduled for 2006. There will be a lot of changes and additions as airshows finalize their plans

Ohio dirigible

The Airboard

10 greatest fight planes

Boeing 777-200LR, Hong Kong to London non-stop

Image above from Melody Rose. Many More Unusual Flight Links Here

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