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December 27, 2005


Grief_stricken_2 Bio is an urn for ashes that is made of compacted organic material (coconut shell) which is then covered in a layer of cellulose containing organic fertilizer. Inside this there is a seed which will later germinate and grow into a tree

LifeArt personalized coffins

Soul Ash Solace is a cremation coffin with integrated urn. (Thank you, Nick)

Eco coffins = plain wooden pine caskets

Very impressive pet caskets

Singapore's chief hangman in a candid interview

Virtual Florida Death Row Cell is one-man and 6 x 9 x 9.5 feet high

An unknown prisoner in Colorado designed the Do It Yourself Hanging Machine. The concept behind it was that it allowed the prisoner to trigger the device himself by stepping onto a platform, eliminating the need for an execution. (Thank you, Brady)

List of people who died in the bathroom

Funerals on old postcards

Photo above from Chicano Experience in Arizona. I am on vacation and am possibly writing on my new Moving to New Zealand blog. This item had been pre-posted for your enjoyment. Many More Unusual Coffins & Caskets and Links About Death and Eternity Here

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I really like the bio urn idea. Less problems with the environment.
Kind Regards
Tim Lester

Posted by: Tim Lester at Dec 27, 2007 11:16:31 PM