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December 14, 2005

Fly LA-Air


Villa Romanza and Antonio D’Attellis’s highly-fresco’ed Villa Fiona, 2 upscale properties for sale for the well-heeded individual. (Both from "Forkbender”)

Great Los Angeles Restaurants That Ain't There No More. Well, maybe "great" is the wrong word for some of these. These are places I've dined in the past that are now defunct. Some I miss, some I don't, some I miss for reasons other than the food. A large percentage of them were on La Cienega Boulevard

Panoramas from The Problem of Urban Historical Knowledge

Near Downey, there is an abandoned hospital campus situated near a residential area. From random clues and records found at this site, it appears as if the hospital has been abandoned for at least 10 years. Already the buildings show signs of advanced aging, by way of vandalism, marauding plant growth, leaky roofs and overall neglect

Eye in the L.A. sky, traffic-related airborne images

Re-post: Abandoned & Little-Known Airfield in Central Los Angeles Area and The Aviation History of the San Fernando Valley. (From “The Skunks of Los Feliz”)

Shag’s LA by Day & by Night

I am on vacation and am possibly writing on my new Moving to New Zealand blog. This item had been pre-posted for your enjoyment.

Many More Unusual Links About Los Angeles and Orange County Here

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