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December 03, 2005

Inside Bohemian Grove

Bohemian_grove Exclusive Bohemian Grove Photos. In July, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated Bohemian Grove, becoming the first person to capture the bizarre occult activities of the all-male elite club membership on videotape. This footage recently aired in England, Ireland and Scotland on UK Channel Four as Part Three of a four-part special: The Secret Rulers of the World . More on Prison planet

Ten minutes in San Francisco at noon on 4/30/2003: Some background to the famous photo of the naked man in the Tenderloin

Homeless in San Francisco. (From Jaf Project)

Jerry’s throne could be yours

San Francisco in Jell-O, by artist Elizabeth Hickok

History of Russian Hill

Suicides by location on the Golden Gate Bridge

How Craiglist is taking millions from Bay Area newspapers and causing layoffs that adversely affect coverage

Attack of the million-dollar condos

Many More Unusual Links About San Francisco and About Los Angeles Here

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Of all the odd things, I went to high school up near Bohemian Grove, and many of the people who work at the Grove each year are plucked from my old high school. The event would go on for only a few weeks each summer, but it sure would pay well... Interestingly, despite the fact that I had some friends who worked there, I never learned much about what went on inside the event because the kids wouldn't say a thing! hmm...

Posted by: dustin at Dec 3, 2005 10:52:43 AM

I would be more impressed if we could get inside photos of Iron Mountain.

In any case, Bohemian Grove is one of those juicy conspiracy areas I love to deride. It's AWESOME!

Posted by: Jeremy at Dec 3, 2005 5:35:02 PM

Hmm...do I need a such a shitty thing in my home...

Posted by: labbai at Dec 6, 2005 5:10:11 PM

Dustin why do u whant picture of iron mountian please respon what u think is in there ASAP lets just say i no a person there>

Posted by: onelove at Oct 20, 2008 7:43:44 PM

its a world information storage center

Posted by: Ryan at Apr 15, 2009 7:58:05 PM