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November 13, 2005

More Nice Words

Happy_to_see_me "Do you read Grow-a-Brain? They always have loads of interesting and bizarre links"...

Don't miss out! Best blog ever! (Thank you, James)

“A truly amazing collection of links”, from “Jolly Cholly”

Always good for a nice word, Charlie ‘Vruba’ Loyd; "Grow-a-Brain’s hype is true: it will increase your IQ. Of the Velvet Underground it’s said that almost no one bought their records, but everyone who did started a band. Grow-a-Brain is like that"...

Nice graphic from Soulaquarium...

“You could lose yourself in there on a lazy Saturday. Consider yourself warned”. From Bleed Cubbie Blue

Brain Headlines from Web Nymph

Excellent site, intelligent and entertaining, from “Is this the world?”

From Whippleworld

I'd buy him a beer, if I'd dare step foot in SoCal anytime soon

“Wonderful distractive fun links”, from Informiorium

A blog I like, from “Teachers' Lounge”

From All About Nothing

From “The Great Leap Forward

Here is the complete list of what people were saying about Grow-a-Brain

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No need to apologize ("shameless") -- your blog roolz! :-)

Posted by: mike at Nov 15, 2005 8:35:02 PM