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November 09, 2005

Meat Raffle – Enter here to win

Kidney_pie There are no prizes in this Offal Quiz, but it's a fantastic opportunity to show the world how well you know your way around the interior landscape of farm animals. 14 pictures to name

To Cull a Mockingbird. How they kill birds infected with avian flu (With graphic links)

Balut, a Filipine delicacy Preserved duck embryo. (From the flickr set ”It's All Wrong”)

How to make scrapple. By Stoltzfus Meats in Intercourse, Pennsylvania

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich. I ended up only using 22 slices, which is about a pound and a quarter of bacon. I chose the low-sodium variety for its health benefits

Meatscapes, collages by Nicolas Lampert

Organic Ostrich Meat

Where's my burrito?

The Orange Man Project; If someone eats a whole lot of carrots, they will turn orange for a while

Many More Unusual Vegetarians and Meat Eaters Here

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