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November 27, 2005

Some Video clips

Old_john_cleese_1 John Cleese Ringtones at $ 2.49 a pop. (Who buys that junk?) It’s a long way from Fawlty Towers

Kugelmass, a professor of humanities at City College, was unhappily married for the second time. Daphne Kugelmass was an oaf. He also had two dull sons by his first wife, Flo, and was up to his neck in alimony and child support.

"Did I know it would turn out so badly?" Kugelmass whined to his analyst one day. "Daphne had promise. Who suspected she'd let herself go and swell up like a beach ball? Plus she had a few bucks, which is not in itself a healthy reason to marry a person, but it doesn't hurt, with the kind of operating nut I have. You see my point?"

Kugelmass was bald and as hairy as a bear, but he had soul…. (From ”O Mundo De Claudia”)

John Cocktosten and the rest of Fletch's Identities in order of appearance. (From a creative thread about creative fictional character names - Benovan Stanchiano, Noboru Watanabe, Ivanna Humpsalot, Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Mucho Maas , Lili Von Shtupp, Scooter Libby, so many more). The subject was raised by John Martz

Dave Chappelle’s The Niggar Family

Will Ferrell in this week’s Earth to America “global Warming” gala. “We now return to your regularly scheduled program”

The 8 types of joke archetypes

Pablo Francisco's Impressions

The Goon Show Preservation Society

Colbert Nation recaps

Many Other Funny Comedians Here

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