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November 01, 2005

Human-chimpanzee hybrid ?

Sleeping_goats Cow sounds. The cow audio spectrum is a narrow one filled mostly with moos. (From ”Anarchaia”. Every once in a while, when I want to drive my cats crazy, I turn on Cat Sound site and just click away…)

The Belching Bug Show by Cameron Tiede

Welcome to my site! My name is Simon 'Skunky' Morrison, and I very love animals. Probably it looks bizarre, but I very much like to see pregnant animals. I very much love to look at their huge, distended bellys. I have female dog named Marta, and each year she becomes pregnant, and I very like to observe her and touch her inflated belly. It's great

The forgotten end by photographer David Nitsche

OZ Gene – Get your genetically modified mice & rats here

Humanzees. Rumors of a human-chimpanzee hybrid have abounded for centuries, but there hasn't been concrete proof. But then, how much proof do you actually need?

Animals have problems too by Zach Vande Zande

Let sleeping dogs nap

Pitbulls Vs. Real Bull

The Birds of America

Tons of links about Nubian Goats from “Cyber Goats”

Many More Unusual Animal Stories Here

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