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November 15, 2005

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to Somebody Else

Can_of_whoopass Message To Justin, Son of Wayne. You suck, Justin, son of Wayne. You suck it hard. Funny thing is, you probably don't even realize just how hard you suck it…

Make your own Homemade Flamethrower. Fun for pyros of all ages

Also, Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot. 5 min 18 sec of excitement for the whole family.

Uncyclopedia about Your mom. Little is verifiably known about your mom. It can be determined with some veracity that she was born sometime in the 20th century as a Cylon, and proceeded to do dick all her life, during which period she created you. (From Jeremy Zawodny's linkblog)

Praying at the German Cheese isles

Poop Today? by JAGoff Productions, with bizarre lyrics

How many bowls of your oat bran cereal would it take to equal the fiber content of one bowl of Super Colon Blow? Guess again. (From ”Milk and Cookies”)

An oldie: The Buttafly Guide to Interpreting Friendster Photos

The archives of The Reverend Gary Birdsong. (From ”Wikipedia”)

World Mouseclicking Competition. Have you got what it takes to be a Big Fast Finger round town? Or are you a bit of a limp clicker?

448 Girl On Girl Action - Who's on top?

At the End of a long working day

A long List of Links That Will Waste Your Time or that are Simply Stupid Here

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