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November 22, 2005

Co-blogging with Revilo!

Revilo Out of the blue, I was contacted by one of my illustrator-heroes, the hugely-popular and enormously-famous Oliver Christianson, known as REVILO. (No, not that Revilo Oliver). After some communication, he agreed to co-blog the following post, here on Grow-a-brain. Yippee! Enjoy the following -

First, here are some reasons for liking Revilo’s art: It hurts when I pee, Hang on, Cliff, Flowers, This is you, Informal Survey. More on Revilo’s Cartoons.

The links:

Comic pinbacks, a free reference and research guide for vintage comic pinbacks from the 1890s to the 1950s

Potential Comics UK 001. (From "McGuffin")

Excellent doodles by Grumblebee

Characters in Motion, a compilation of over 90 films by 60 international studios, artists and designers. Music by Pheonix Foundation - Hitchcock

Simpsons body count. How many deaths will it take for the notorious Simpson clan to be brought to justice? How long will the Simpsons' bloody rampage be allowed to run unchecked? What lesson are we teaching our children while this lawless bunch remains free?

Brian Fremly Rocks! And he has a Big Head

Religious Tracts on flickr

The illustration art of Everett Peck, Duckman's daddy

The dark world of Charles Burns

Dream of Becoming a Professional Cartoonist? Get Your Cartoons PUBLISHED and EARN $$$$ Within THREE MONTHS... GUARANTEED! With tuition from world-famous cartoonist, Lou Darvas!)

Everyone loves The Reverend Howard Finster. Finster was the creator of Paradise Gardens Park & Museum, a product of all his folk art and Chattooga County's largest tourist attraction

Re-post: Salad Fingers in search of the perfect rusty spoon. Ah, the feeling of rust! The new David Firth piece Spoilsbury Toast Boy 2 is very disturbing. “I am your grandmother. Yes!”

Li'l Abner

Worst Comic Ever. Uncle Ray in The Spirit, 1947, without question he worst Spirit drawn by anyone, anywhere, at any time

Portfolio by Olivier Kugler

Another Favorite webcomics thread from ‘Ask Metafilter’

This is my tenth “co-blogging” post. (Previous posts here.) Thank you, Oliver! If other bloggers/writers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details.

Copyright above Oliver Christianson. A giant Collection of Unusual Comics Here

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