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November 14, 2005

Truman Streckfus Persons

Capote Yesterday I saw Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Capote movie, a “tragic story of unfulfilled love”, and I loved it. I see so few movies nowadays, as they are so noisy. This one was on purpose quite and slow. The music by Mychael Danna was just right.

Most critics felt the same. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 92% Fresh Reading.

If you saw the movie, you'll appreciate the following; Here’s a beautiful, extended collection of photos related to "In Cold Blood” from Lawrence, KS Journal-World's 40th anniversary of the non-fiction novel .

Capote in Kansas. Written by Ande Parks, a comic book account of Capote and Harper Lee's time researching In Cold Blood

Capote, a Black and White Tribute

Map of Holcomb KS

Elsewhere: A Kenyan camel library

Six Grimms Fairy Tales with 39 Etchings by David Hockney

The Penguin Classic Library: Purchase all 1,082 titles from Amazon. Save: $5,326.34. Only $7,989.50 with free shipping

A virtual walk through James Joyce's Trieste

Home Fweet Home - 71,000 notes related to Joyce's Finnegans Wake

The complete Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Thomas More's Utopia

Many More Unusual Literary Links Here

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Nice collection of links. I haven't seen the movie yet because there are no theaters around me showing it. (I could have travelled into Boston to see it however but since I work there I prefer to spend my weekends away from the city) It's pretty sad when a movie like Capote isn't even shown anymore in a lot of theaters.

Posted by: Chris at Nov 14, 2005 7:03:00 AM

Never go to see movies at theaters...can't stand people eating while watching a movies...movietheaters are more like restaurants nowdays.

Posted by: labbai at Nov 14, 2005 11:43:01 AM

What book displaced In Cold Blood from the NYT bestseller list number 1 position?

I will give you a hint Hanan ... spud.

Posted by: Steel at Nov 19, 2005 10:11:41 PM

It is a real shame that Harry Browne has passed away.


Posted by: Sexy Lingerie at Mar 7, 2006 5:33:37 PM