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November 21, 2005


Real_estate_art_1 I don't understand why it's so hard to sell this Swedish apartment. (From ”Milk and Cookies”)

Own a piece of America & Become an instant land owner! Now you can actually own property in any state in the country...FREE. All you have to do is select a state on the next page and follow the easy instructions. Within seconds you'll be a proud owner of your very own parcel of land.... FREE. OK, so it's only one square inch of land, but it is land, and it is free. How many of your friends can claim that they own land in Colorado, or California, Hawaii, or even New York? For that matter in any state?

If Dilbert built his own house, he'd start with a list of functional requirements that looked like this:

• Zero maintenance inside and out
• Energy usage approaching zero
• Green building materials when practical
• Healthy indoor air quality
• Practical to build, using local contractors, etc.

Sprawl near San Ramon, California

A New Service Named HomePages Combines Real Estate Listings, Local Data, and Aerial Imagery. More about HomePages. (Thanks, Shawn Zehnder Lea)

Rising from Ruin - Real estate in Hancock County, LA, post-Katrina

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody

Art above by Polish artist Jacek Yerka, found at ”Neatorama”. Many More Unusual Real Estate Stories Here

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Okay, this one I just don't get.


Posted by: Rick Willis at Feb 8, 2006 11:16:09 PM