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November 26, 2005

The 51st state: The state of denial

Victoria_avenue_riverside The Farm. Their parents left San Francisco 30 years ago to build a utopia in rural Tennessee. Now some of the products of that grand experiment - their children - have come back. (From ”Whippleworld”)

Christian Exodus is coordinating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of re-establishing Godly, constitutional government. It is evident that the U.S. Constitution has been abandoned under our current federal system, and the efforts of Christian activism to restore our Godly republic have proven futile over the past three decades. The time has come for Christians to withdraw our consent from the current federal government and re-introduce the Christian principles once so predominant in America to a sovereign State like South Carolina

The History of 4-H in Florida! (From Happy Palace)

World's Largest Fountain

The Field Guide to the North American Bird

Invented landscapes by Carlos Diaz

Another American I’m not familiar with: Stephen Sondheim

Robert Clark travels around the US taking photos with a Sony Ericsson s710a

(While blogging this post, I’m listening right now to Twang City, Americana, Alt-Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Honky Tonk, Zydeco, Blues and Roots Rock. Photo above is of Victoria Ave. in Riverside leading to my new house). Many More Unusual Stories about America Here

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