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October 09, 2005

Yes I’m lonely wanna die

Dirty_mac On December 10 & 11, 1968, The Rolling Stones filmed & produced ‘Rock and Roll Circus', a TV Special that never aired. The concert featured a performance by ‘Dirty Mac’, a super-band with the following musicians:
John Lennon: Vocals, Rhythm Electric Guitar
Eric Clapton: Lead Electric Guitar
Keith Richards: Bass
Mitch Mitchell: Drums
Mick Jagger introduced one Winston Lennon and they beautifully played Yer blues. (From the prolific & always original ”Hemaworstje” - Source is often NSFW). Here’s an album review

Also, the original, psychedelic “Music Video” for Strawberry Fields Forever! (Embedded mgp)

The Savage Young Beatles through the formative years - the 1950s through June 1963, including the very first photograph of Paul & John (Inside)

Lennon's Stamp Collection Resurfaces in a Smithsonian Exhibit

Many More Unusual Beatles Links and Unusual Bob Dylan Links Here

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