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October 22, 2005

Fake stores

Back_rub_1 Here is finally the commercial for Sony Bravia LCD Television, and the story of how it was filmed

Prada Marfa, a luxury boutique where a display of Fall 2005 high-heel Prada shoes and bags is seen through the store front windows. Located on the outskirts of Valentine, Texas near Marfa on desolate ranching land with no other visible trace of civilization

Rocking PC. (From Ffkieke, a NSFW site)

Photo Sculpture, three-dimensional portrait busts created to preserve the image of loved ones

Dress-A-Vac - Doll up your upright vacuum with whimsical covers

Zevro Pasta Cooker saves up to 70% of energy and up to 50% of water. (From “Earth Invaders”)

Ziploc Big Bags. *Warning: Keep bags out of reach of children. These bags are not toys

Many More Unusual Things To Buy Here

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