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October 31, 2005

Hasta la vista

Arnold_baby “Your biceps may not be as big as mine” - It's Raining Men. From WFMU’s Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout MP3s

Take a Tour of Arnold's Neighborhood. This is now the main attraction on Phil Angelides for Governor page

Austrian Plo Chops is a term attributed to Schwarznegger by a journalist

Arnold Debates Himself. Sim Sadler's Latest Viral Video. He is the guy who edited Hard Working George. Thank you, Fernando

The Body Count in “Commando”

Schwarzenegger's popularity in Pakistan. (From Wikipedia)

Many More Unusual Schwarzenegger Links Here

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October 30, 2005

Hear Hawking lecture

Hawking Tickets to hear Stephen Hawking lecturing in San Jose, Oakland & Seattle are now available

Why would you continue to date me? A series of charts & graphs, by Joel A. Friesen

Isn't Love Grand? - A simple wedding with unpretentious people

An explicit ad on craiglist The Follow-Up. (Explicit language & content!). More explicit craiglist

The Business of Touch - Greeting business associated from other cultures

White guy dancing at Best Buy

Get your costum at The 501st Legion of Imperial Stormtroopers

Subliminal Harassment - How To. (From ”Giavasan”)

Seen everywhere: Knitted Digestive System - what every girl needs!

“What I did this summer”, by Paul Graham

Many More Unusual Things To Do With Your Life Here

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Hip-hop violinist

Hiphop_violin Hip-hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari. Watch & listen

Guitar Logo Game. Guess these popular Guitar manufacturers

Alan Bond's Mandolin Museum

Edifying Pictures for the collector & the historian. From acoustic musician Joe Bethancourt

The new Hyperviolin, one of many Unusual String Instruments

Olga - The internet's first (1992) and best (no duplicate files) archive for guitar tab and chord files

Many Odd Links of Unusual String Instruments and other Strange Musical Links Here

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Morgue humor

Heaven_on_earth The 50 most embarrassing ways to die. No 35: Drowning during your Born-Again baptism

List of unusual deaths. Example: 1923: Frank Hayes, jockey, suffered a heart attack during a horse race. The horse, Sweet Kiss, went on to finish first, making Hayes the only deceased jockey to win a race

Also: Lists of people who died, by cause of death, in alphabetical order of cause

In the morgue with Bernie

Gallery of beautiful Italian funeral art. (From ”Metafilter”)

Why is there death and suffering? Creation scientists looking for answers

Oregon's Death with Dignity Act

Autopsy on HBO

Re-post: Ars moriendi, The Art of Dying by Edward Gorey

Dying, Yamaraja and Yamadutas - Vedic view of death

Many More Unusual Links About Death and Eternity and about Unusual Coffins & Caskets Here

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Perceptual illusions

Card_tricks More 19th Century Circus & Magic Posters

How to Classic Palm of Coin

Magic Words: A Dictionary is a one-of-a-kind resource for magicians and word lovers, exploring the most intriguing magic words and phrases from around the world. (Thank you, Craig)

Extreme digits at Superhandz

Crazy tricks with Daniel Normandeau

Corporate Magic: Apparently anyone these days can hire a private magician to perform advertising tricks. (From ”Everything and nothing”). UK list of corporate magicians

Making the rounds: Mr. Angry & Mrs. Calm. If you are near to this picture, Mr Angry is on the left and Mrs Calm is on the right. If you view it from a distance, they switch places

First day of school for aspiring Vatican exorcists

Many More Unusual Magic Tricks Here

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October 29, 2005

Green flashes

Green_sunset A resource for Atmospheric Optics - Some can be seen almost every day or so, some are once in a lifetime sights. Rays & Shadows, Water Droplets, Rainbows, Ice Halos, more

Pictures of green flashes. Green flashes are real (not illusory) phenomena seen at sunrise and sunset, when some part of the Sun suddenly changes color (at sunset, from red or orange to green or blue). The word “flash” refers to the sudden appearance and brief duration of this green color, which usually lasts only a second or two at moderate latitudes

Leafy Sea Dragons. Also, a section about comatulid crinoids

Mammillaria elongate, Golden Star Cactus

Alien Plants. Created by 1st Ave Machine as a music video for the artist Alias

56 pound Missouri mushroom

Wild Things. Photography by John Hyde

US Peak Foliage Map

Many More Unusual Mysteries of Nature Here

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The Rolls Royce collateral

Andy_singer The Well-Appointed Mercedes-Benz. Watch out, Roy Scheider!

Car-Toon by Andy Singer

Volkswagen’s production history. (From Paperholic)

The Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis phenomenon, with explanation by wikipedia

Car vs. Telephone Wires in Texas

Why you need a Velomobile

The old Rolls Royce collateral joke

This Reliant Kitten is powered by a 3500cc Rover V8 engine and can accelerate to 100 mph from a standing start in under 10 seconds

The geometry of traffic control

The Bugatti Veyron16.4

Welcome to Roof Studio

Many More Unusual Automotive Links Here

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I ♥ Shanghai T-shirts

I_love_shanghai Check-off the Life To Do List: Go running along the great wall of China

The best hummus in Shanghai

14 ways to die in Shanghai

Edward Burtynsky in China

"Shanghai Living", photographies by Hu Yang

Chinese bubbles

First built in 1937, Haw Par Villa holds 25 clusters of the original statues and figurines which tells the intriguing stories of Chinese mythology, legends and Chinese values. Described by various visitors as "fascinating, delightful, bizarre and entertaining", Haw Par Villa is like no other place in the world. Here is Cory Doctorow at Haw Par Villa

Virtual Gettysburg Battlefields. (From ”Coudal”)

Elbow Etiquette. It’s about sharing. Something that the world has shown little interest in. It’s also about the armrest, and how it’s precious few inches of solid existence can be a war zone — a battle between two elbows jockeying for position

My visit to New York. (From ”Being Green”)

Globe Riders, a motorcycle adventure touring company

The old Bottle Cap Inn in Miami

Many More Unusual Travel Destinations Here

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October 28, 2005

Fascist Headgear

Go_go_boots Helmet Headz Puffer Fish

Big Head Caps - Headwear for the cranially endowed

Camouflage uniforms of the World

Fashions of our European Heritage and Culture, offered by the little blond fascists at Prussian Blue

Dictator Fashion Show. Military uniforms really make a statement

The Clothed Kama Sutra, a photoset on Flickr. (From ”Snarky Spot”)

Dress Kevin. One day I was about to go through my clothes to get rid of clothes I never wore anymore, but I didn't know where to start. I remember thinking to myself, "I wish I knew which things I absolutely never wore or which things I rarely wore". So, I … figured, why don't I let other people pick what I wear, since it'll leave out a lot of the guesswork. Plus, it would help me decide what to get rid of and give me an idea of what new clothes to get, too. So I made this website

A Sneaker memory game

The Subtle Safety™ Defensive Ring

The insanely great wardrobe of Steve Jobs

Emitting/polling infrared love Jacket transmitters

1920s Makeup Guide. Also, 1930’s and 1940’s

A site dedicated to the knee-high zippered go-go boot of the 60’s

Many More Unusual Fashion Trends Here

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October 27, 2005

Dead African-American Storage

A_band_apart Pulp Fiction completely cut & edited for the small screen. More top-rated YTMNDs than you can shake a stick at

Filming Kill Bill in China

Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies, and the 13 other 30-Second Bunnies movies by “Angry Alien”

Greg the Bunny doing a long & lame Pulp Fiction spoof in 2005

The Charlie Rose Tarantino Interview, October 14, 1994

3D Stills by Phil McNally from his short film, Pump Action, the interrogation of Mr. Blonde recreated with balloons

Tarantino's trail of bread crumbs leads to the French New Wave. From How did Quentin Tarantino learn to write his trademark dialogue? Who were his influences? Scene-Stealing, Tarantino-Style - King of Thieves

Many More Unusual Pulp Fiction Links Here

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October 26, 2005

State Farm

State_fair_champion Going back to Iowa, for Grant Wood was the formative experience in his artistic life

'Iowa sucks'. Officials say the grass should be regaining its color by October 15

2003 Iowa Gas Swap Meet, from “Old Gas”, The Gas Station & Auto Service Collectibles Web Site

For eight years I have been the leading supplier of hybrid seed corn in Winneshiek County, Iowa and the reason is clear: My seed is pure

One of the world's largest pizzas - 50,000 slices in Iowa Falls


Twas the night before Fitzmas, and in the White House
Every one was scared shitless, and Bush was quite soused
The indictments were hanging like Damoceles’ sword
As verminous oxen prepared to be gored…

Many More Unusual Links about Iowa Here

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Enter The Dragon

Monolithic Martial Art Legends In Its Own Words: Bruce Lee – The Lost interview

Stadiums of the NFL

30,000 strokes to go. It's a marathon swim from Catalina Island to Los Angeles. Watch Peter Attia, a young doctor from Baltimore, on his quest to become the 120th person to cross the channel

Pig swim race

Fantasy Football Championship Rings - Just $10 per player

Big fish by Pieter Bruegel

All geared up to ride a rollercoaster

Many More Unusual Links of Extreme Sports Here

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Fractal trees

Zapato Mandel Swarm. Watch two thousand particles swarm towards the boundary of the Mandelbrot Set. After they settle into place, notice how some particles migrate out and launch themselves off of the tendrils of the Set

Fingers have fingers have fingers have fingers. Enough to count to 625 on one hand. A few more iterations and you'll be able to climb walls using the Van der Waals force. Lyle Zapato’s Dactyl fractal zoom

"There was a little old woman, about 70, sitting in the front row of one of my lectures. She wore a little hat with strawberries and cherries on it, a black patent-leather bag, and oxford shoes. The audience was all flower children. I thought somebody brought their grandmother. I would tell a far-out story, I would look over, and she would be nodding yes. So I would get a little more outrageous, testing my limits, and she kept nodding. I thought maybe she had a neck problem. At the end, I egged her to come up, and I said, "What have you done in your life where you know this stuff to be true?" She leaned forward very conspiratorially and said, "I crochet."
It blew my mind. Up to then, it was "you meditate in Burma sitting on the full moon on your head after fasting." And she crochets. I finally realized that there are lots of routes up the mountain."

- Ram Dass. The Sierpinski crochet triangles

Other samples of Mathematics Education in Fiber Arts

Wallpapers by Richard Rosenman

The Koch Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel. How do you design a novel? In my day job, I'm a software architect designing large software projects. I write fiction the same way I write software, using the "snowflake metaphor". Advice from Randy Ingermanson

Modular Origami. Models folded and photographed by Michał Kosmulski

Re-post: Fractal Food - Self-Similarity on the Supermarket Shelf

Miqel’s Introduction to the fascinating patterns of Visual Math

Fractal Collages by Auntie K

The Kleinian galleries and animations of Jos Leys

Fuzzy Logic Field, from Paul Bourke’s Fractals, Chaos

Fractal Zoom movies by Eric Bigas

New Fractal Animations

Many More Unusual Fractal Links Here

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October 25, 2005

Taste of Thailand

Mortar Colors of Thailand

Thai Artist Kittiwat Unarrom Bakes Edible 'Body Parts'

Thai vegetables

Noodle Pie, Graham Holliday’s blog about Saigon’s streetfood

Chez Pim’s recipe for Tom Yum Goong (Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup)

Lotus of Siam, supposedly one of the best Thai restaurant in Las Vegas (Damn, I forgot to visit it this weekend, Instead I dined at the Paris)


More About The Best Thai Food in Southern California Here

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Sushi World Records

Sushi_robot Ten ways to make a sushi chef lose it. No 3. Ask for ketchup

Sushi related Ukiyoe printings, drawn by Toyokuni & Hiroshige, etc.

Sushi Boxer Shorts, $15.95, and other sushi gifts

The World Records of Sushi; The Longest Sushi Roll, The Oldest Sushi Shop, The Most Expensive Fish, etc.

Sushi Lesson: How to eat sushi properly, Part 5

Stephen T. Coenen’s sushi links

Many More Unusual Sushi Links Here

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