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October 08, 2005

Odds -


The 12 labors of Hercules and other Greek Mythology Stamps

The Wheelmen is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling, promoting the restoration and riding of early cycles (1918 or earlier), and encouraging cycling as part of modern living

Sam’s Futurama Timeline

“The less interesting the drug, the louder you will be when taking it” and thousands of other Rules of Modern Life

Repost: A giant compendium of Periodic Tables

This bus stop is not in use

Panorama of the Vent Haven Museum, the world's only museum dedicated to the art of ventriloquism, and other Panoramas by Ron Rack

Cigarettes packs by brand

Laughing And Crying Records. Selections from the library of Inigo Cubillo. (Found on Ami Ben-Basat)

Pedestrian Levitation Artwork is based on the movement of pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing in public space

Burning Man 2005 - The Comic Book

Six degrees of wikipedia finds the shortest path between any two Wikipedia articles in the main namespace using wiki links

Interactive Samorost - It’s been around for a year or two, but I’ve never ventured inside…

Many More Unusual Oddities and Crazy linkage Here

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» Cigarettes from Slackdaddy
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pretty impressive timeline. Someone seriously took a lot of time to put into that. Well done.

Posted by: Elizabeth at Oct 8, 2005 8:37:25 PM

pretty impressive futurama timeline. Someone seriously took a lot of time to put into that. Well done.

Posted by: Elizabeth at Oct 8, 2005 8:38:33 PM

Oh, those cigarette packets brought back some memories... isn't it funny how the post-war marketing in UK went from images to do with the Military (Guards, Navy Cut,Senior Service) to the up-market, aspirational images of London's expensive areas (Pall Mall, Bond Street,Park Drive, Embassy,Strand, Picadilly). After that, the glamourous, far-away places seemed to be the trend (St Moritz, Gauloises, Manhattan etc). The evolution of the fonts from with serif to sans serif also dates the packs quite accurately.
Fascinating link!

Posted by: Julie at Oct 9, 2005 9:57:46 AM