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October 02, 2005

Celebrities Named Hanan

Yawn_1 If they show me a stone and I say a stone they will say a stone. A poem by Amir Gilboa, translated by Hanan Cohen

Custom tattoos by tattoo artist Tim Hanan of Elgin, IL

Klezmer-style Klezmer-player Hanan Bar Sela

Hanan Turk, one of the most beautiful Arab women for the year 2000. Her wikipedia entry

The physics of meaning from Bu Hanan Records

German Belly dancer Hanan Kadur

Israeli photographer Hanan Dror

Egyptian English to Arabic translator Hanan solomon

Hanan A. Alexander, teacher at the University of Haifa

Assistant ProfessorPhD at Johns Hopkins University Hanan Sabea

Also: Levin Human Resources Development Limited of Hong Kong. "The name Levin represents the following core values: Longevity, Energy, Velocity, Imagination, Never give up". (That’s me!)

More Unusual People Named Hanan Here

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You never walk alone, you know that Hanan, right?

Posted by: Sebastian at Oct 3, 2005 4:05:57 PM