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September 25, 2005

Fake Beatles

Swedish Last weekend, we saw a performance of “Classical Mystery Tour”, a Beatles tribute band at a Newport Beach show. This was the first time I ever attended a Beatles-like performance, and as suspect & artificial as this concept is, I actually liked it a lot. The band tried to look & sound as closely to what The Beatles must have been in ‘64 & ’67, and they did a pretty good job at it. However, it must be strange to live a live of a performer, pretending to be somebody else like that.

There are many other Beatles tribute bands; Yahoo lists 31 of them. I imagine that there’s an Artistic Management Conglomerate that runs all of them, and when a Ringo or John is sick or indisposed at one band, they replace him with another…

Lucy In the Field With Flowers, Susan Lawlor’s grandmother. (More kitsch at The Museum Of Bad Art. Thank you, Julie!)

A different MIDI version of Revolution #9

Flash version of Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Beatles Blotter Art - Have your LSD & eat it too. Obviously, Lennon did a thousand trips

Wax Ringo Lost his sticks. More than a 1000 photos tagged with Beatles on flickr

9" long version of George Harrison Gretsch Country Gentleman Guitar and other Beatles Mini Guitars

A great version of Don't Let Me Down. Letting us down: What is Paul McCartney doing in that Fidelity ad? Going to the McCartney concert in Las Vegas November 30?..

Hard to find Beatles tracks from 1960 & later

A Hard Day's Night Screen Grabs

While my ukulele gently weeps. More at Ukulele Disco

Re-post: Musicologist Alan W. Pollack’s copious Notes on all of Beatles 187 songs & 25 covers

What's your favorite Beatles record?

The radio wars that erupted around the Beatles in 1964

A short story composed exclusively of Beatles song titles

Many More Unusual Beatles Links and Unusual Bob Dylan Links Here

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