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September 26, 2005


Tentacles_manga Go to pretty much any Japanese super market or combini and you'll find Umaibou. Literally translated it means "delicious stick"

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, an erotic woodcut made circa 1820 by Hokusai. Interpretations in stained glass by Judith Schaechter, and by New Zealand artists at Otago Stained Glass. Also, NSFW galleries by photographer Juergen Specht

Hello Kitty Vibrator Sale. Now Only $ 189 + $ 4 for priority mail shipping in the U.S

Yosuke Yamahata Photographing the Bomb in Nagasaki Journey. (From ”Folderol”)

Japan on Uncyclopedia. The physical geography of Japan is characterized by upheavals and the depressed. Because so much of the land mass is mountainous, 94% of the population is forced to live on mountaintops so that the limited amount of flat land can be used for cultivating monsters. Being squeezed onto mountaintops has forced the Japanese people to come up with space-saving innovations such as Game Boy Advance

Originally filmed in November 2001, this short video shows an extremely rare and ancient Japanese geisha dance as performed in Niigata, Japan by life-long, professional Japanese Geisha

The Pachinko Museum

Haiku in western languages

Japan Seldom Asked Questions (SAQ). What do Japanese People wear underneath their Kimonos? Why do all the Jizo statues in Japan wear "bibs"? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Many more

Anime Phone Cards. (From Podwall)

(Graphic above from The Octopus News Magazine.) Many More Unusual Links about Japan Here

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