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September 13, 2005

I didn’t make it to Burningman last week, again -

Burningman_1 and for no good reason either. But I WILL take the time next year… Maybe gather a troupe of Grow-a-brain readers and party for a week?...

Half-buried Head and Rows of shoes. Among the many Photos by Rand - Burningman 2005

Mirzu's bamboo fish car, by photographer Mr. Fang

A silhouette by Ryan Hayes

Faces of Burning Man from The San Francisco Gate coverage

Photo Galleries from PBase, on flickr, on Smugmug, from Patrick Roddie, from Blue Dream.

Burningman was much better last year, again

Zipcode Man Guinness World Record holder for most consecutive zip codes identified at random, participant

A Brief Guide for First Timers, from The Civilized Explorer/ 2004

Directions to Gerlach, NV

Google Maps Slideshow of Black Rock City

Five things I’ll be doing while you’re at Burning Man

Image Evant photos from 2002, 2003, 2004. (From Wikipedia Burningman page)

The alternative Burning Shithead Festival

Burningman in 3D - Nine years of stereoscopic photographs (“Unfortunately my main camera was stolen at the beginning of the 2005 event, so I didn't get all the shots I wanted”)

And of course, How to Get Laid at Burning Man

Other parties: No swimswim witem ol crocodile

PRD3 - The third annual Paul Reubens’ Day, July 23rd, 2005 in San Francisco

Also there, San Francisco Gay pride Parade 2005

Many More Unusual Festivals From Around The World Here

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I can think of a million zillion things I'd rather do than attend this moist yet dry group hug.

The faces of Burningman: Ladybug from Illinois: ..'the orgasmic amoeba embrace' was one fabulous experience...she says. eeeeew! Did they do that automatic thing amoebaes do when they split? I can't remember my tenth-grade biology...dang.

Then Sandra from Minneapolis - her best experience was when complete strangers helped her break into her car when she locked her keys in it? Sandra maybe could be left out in the desert in search of a life more meaningful than the one she's lived so far.

I have to say, the funniest episode of RENO 911 was the Burningman episode. I almost died laughing..... this post makes that episode even funnier now.

Posted by: Phoenix at Sep 13, 2005 6:50:11 AM