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August 15, 2005

Bags of fun

Door_ticket_3 How To Make a Set of highland Bagpipes for $5. Also: Universe of Bagpipes - A pathway to a nearly forgotten world of musical magic for musicians, historians, instrument makers, collectors and all who are enchanted by bagpipes

Funky Do Morro - Music from the slums of Rio. Also, Favela Faces tells the stories behind four people living in or around the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

The Glasses used to make Finkenbeiner Glass Harmonicas are made from Pure Quartz (fused silica) and contain no lead. Instruments are completely assembled with motor and speed control

Ken Butler’s hybrid instruments and sound sculptures

Depressing Classic Rock Midi Songs, by the LSDudes

Twink, a toy piano band. It's a challenge to take anything involving a toy piano seriously, but here are some Samples. (From ”Fazed”)

How many singers does it take to make an opera? Sometimes fewer than it takes to screw in a light bulb. Most well-known operas happen to have seven or more solo roles. Here, to satisfy the curiosity of the would-be impressario with a limited payroll, or the small group of singers wondering what they can do all by themselves, is a list of operas requiring six or fewer solo singers

Some Wikipedia’s Lists: "Am I The Only One?" List of song titles phrased as questions, List of songs whose title appears more than twenty times in the lyrics (Think "Love Shack"), List of songs over fifteen minutes in length - Note the compositions of Klaus Schulze. (And of course, List of songs deemed inappropriate by Clear Channel following the September 11, 2001 attacks; Think Pink Floyd's "Mother" and "Run Like Hell")

Fri 26 August 2005 Marseille Figs will perform at the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of an event concerning art & money

Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre in the studio playing a huge-ass set of drums

Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix. (From ”Ffkieke - Source is often NS4W!) Jimi Hendrix pretended to be gay so he would be discharged from the army

Grab a graphic to link to Grow-a-Brain

And that's that. Ta-da! The Aristocrats! Many More Unusual Musicians and their Music Here

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nono, toy piano's are avant-garde and way-hip!
issue #28 of giant robot (the only mag i subscribe to) carried a great article about her

Posted by: nick at Aug 15, 2005 12:00:23 PM

Heeey Juuuude, Hey Jude, Heey Beat IT! Beat It! Na nah...nananananaH! Judejudejudejuuuuude, na na na nanananananananaH....Beat itbeatit beat it Juuudejudejudejude....

I hate you, Hanan. It will be days before I get those stupid lyrics out of my head. Thanks a bunch. :}

God Is My Co-Pilot - "Sex is for making babies" 23 times. I missed this group. Dang. I better give up my job as co-pilot because I been thinkin' all these years sex was for moaning.

Posted by: Phoenix at Sep 7, 2005 8:36:47 AM

HAHAHAHA.... I don't hate you anymore. That 'Depressing Classic Rock Midi' songs things made me bust a gut.... oh! hahahaha.... LOVE the intro.....

Sheesh. I bookmarked this site so I can click on it when I feel like crying. HA HA HA !

Posted by: Phoenix at Sep 7, 2005 8:42:51 AM

I was fooling around in your book section and came across a book review from 1988 of LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. I hate reading book reviews because the reviewers are all wannabe authors who have failed so that they transfer their tumid personal aggrandizement into their reviews. It makes me sick. Like, get over it and just write the review, you pompous loser. Here's one line from a too long review:

>it avoids relying exclusively on the stunning, hallucinatory quality of the former or the lush density of the latter. Maintaining a folklore quality, and grounded with the feel of everyday gossip, it incorporates images of love that hover between an otherworld beauty and a netherworld terror.<

How's that? I MIGHT want to read the book. Fer shure.

Why don't they just have a New York Times Book Review Suck Scale? The NYT already sucks, so it wouldn't be all that offensive to say: "On the Suck Scale, this book gets a 'Couldn't suck a cat hair off glass.'" If it was,like, a REALLY good book, they could say: "Will suck your eyeballs back into your head like good head."

That last one was dirty, I know. I couldn't help it. It was that 'netherworld terror' thing that made me say it.

Posted by: Phoenix at Sep 7, 2005 8:59:25 AM