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August 31, 2005

Dashboard Jesus

God_bless_america_1 Trailer for Sarah Silverman’s Jesus Is Magic (Offending for the offendees)

From UnPopArt: God Bless Our God. Art by Charles Krafft

“Hong Kong Gone Wrong Pictures” presents Kung Fu Jesus

Obscenities Uttered by Jesus Christ: "Dad damn you!"

The Lord’s Prayer on a head of a pin

Production Error Jesus - Rare, Factory Mistake Jesus Action Figures. Also from Archie McPhee: "God Bless Our Home" Fiber Optic Picture. When the glory of fiber optics meets the glory of Mary and Jesus the results are simply dazzling

The list of people who have said that they are gods consists of those notable human beings who have made statements about being a god or being God

A Tokyo subway station ad for Passion of the Christ

Photo above from ”Super Frankenstein”. (Great news! The Super Frankenstein Singers have been invited to perform at the assassination of Hugo Chavez!) More Unusual Links About Jesus and Other Strange Spiritual Links Here

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Love me some Sarah. Listen to these clips for some quick chuckles: http://www.jesusismagicthemovie.com/soundboard/ Enjoy my friends!

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