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August 29, 2005

The End of The Fall

End_of_the_fall Opulent living & working - The Emirates palace in Abu Dhabi

Financing homes under Islam

FatwaIslam - The most comprehensive online Islamic Fatwa guide

Western advertising under Islam. The visual culture of the Middle East is a mixture of the socialist realism and emerging consumerism

Starlets in chadors. Iranian postcards of western actresses in Muslim attire

Security officials in Kuwait have banned the import of Iraqi watermelons amid fears the fruit could be used to smuggle explosives

An Israeli car crash

Jamaica in the desert. Rastafarians in Kibbutz Rastafarian

Flights of the Imagination: Banksy vs. The West Bank

Many video clips of Israel under the British rule, many from British Pathe Archives and many from after 1948. (In Hebrew only) - ארץ ישראל בתקופת השלטון הטורקי

I used to keep track of all Iraqi Blogs, until better services came about. There are now up to 154 blogs counted there. The anonymous Riverbend was not heard from since July 15, 2005

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here’s another poem by my favorite poet, Dalia Rabikovitch. It is called “The End of The Fall” -

If a man falls from a plane in the middle of the night
Only God can pick him up.

God shows himself in the middle of the night
And touches the man and eases his suffering.
God does not wipe his blood
Because blood is not his soul,
God does not indulge his body
Because man is not of flesh.

God leans over him, lifts his head and watches
In his eyes the man is a child.
As he gets up heavily on all four and tries to walk
And then he feels that he can fly.

The man is still confused and does not know
That it is far better to float that to crawl.
God wishes to caress his head
But he waits, because he does not wish
To scare the man
With signs of love.

If a man falls from a plane in the middle of the night
Only God knows the end of the fall.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Many More Unusual News from the Middle East Here

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I'm a little worried about Riverbend, too. I know she has taken big breaks in the past, but she always responded to my emails even if she wasn't online long enough to blog. I wrote her a few days ago to see if she was alright and I haven't heard anything yet. I sincerely hope she and her family are safe and sound.

Posted by: r3tr0 at Aug 29, 2005 6:19:52 AM

Here's a favorite of mine:

Beyond the blue horizon
Waits a beautiful day
Good-bye to things that bore me
Joy is waiting for me

I see the new horizon
My life has only begun
Beyond the blue horizon
Lies a rising sun

Posted by: Tom McMahon at Aug 29, 2005 6:24:11 AM

According to Snopes.com at least, the ebaums website is incorrect, and the "palace" is indeed the "Emirates Palace Hotel".

Posted by: Geoduck at Sep 5, 2005 4:55:39 PM