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August 27, 2005

Dial M

Dial_m Hitchcock's "elevator story" as told by Peter Bogdanovich

Hitchcock's Pieta shots

Hitchcock’s Trailers

Hitchcock at War. Despite being unfit for active military service, Hitchcock was very keen to contribute to the war effort, especially after a snide comment by his former producer Michael Balcon about "plump" British directors going to Hollywood "while we who are left behind short-handed are trying to harness the films to our great national effort"

IMDb rating of Hitchcock’s 53 movies

Joe Bob Briggs interviews Tippi Hedren

Film still collection from all movies

My Personal Hitchcock

Travel in style

The Fall of Janet Leigh

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Episode guide, including air dates, cast and crew, and plot synopses, 1955-1960

Hitchcock sound wavs

Grab a graphic to link to Grow-a-Brain, the No. 1 Google result for Who we’all honorin’ here today?

More Unusual Hitchcock and Unusual Chaplin Moments Here

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