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August 23, 2005

Cheerleaders of The Philadelphia Eagles

Power_kites_1 The Cheerleaders of The Philadelphia Eagles

Run, World, Run!

Holy Crap! This is my entire wrestling figure collection from the mid 1980's to today

Rankings of the top eaters on the International Federation of Competitive Eating circuit. See for example, No. 13 - Allen Goldstein; Achivement - Bologna: 2.41 Pounds Pork & Chicken Bologna / Six Minutes. Nice T-shirt, Allen!

Nike’s balloon bowl

Portland Adult Soapbox Derby 2004. (From ”Danny’s Land”)

Freeboard explained - Snowboarding on the Street. (May re-size the browser, sorry)

Kris Holm’s unicycle catalog

Learn to Skydive - Get started in 5 Steps. (From Drop Zone. Serving the skydiving community for more than a decade)

Re-post: Joe Jennings - Skydiving Reel

Bike Sutra - All the Cycling Links you'll ever need. (Mostly for John at ”Information Junk”)

Many More Unusual Links of Extreme Sports Here

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Thanks Hanan.

You're the man (but in a good way)


Posted by: John at Aug 23, 2005 6:51:31 AM